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    I don't suppose anyone else is experiencing duplicate calendar entries are they?

    Finding it a little bit annoying, I get the following
    Duplicate Calendar entries-img_00001102.png

    Am running and I am using a outlook.com account to make my entries. The duplicates are not showing up in my outlook calendar, just the BlackBerry.

    I also am unable to delete the entry that doesn't exist. Little bit weird.

    Mike Duncan on my Z30
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    11-14-13 09:09 AM
  2. toddcarson's Avatar
    I've had this problem for many months - first on my Z10 and then on my Z30. Also, I've had serious syncing issues with the calendar generally, though all other syncing has been fine (email, remember, contacts, tasks). I have spent hours testing, troubleshooting and working with BlackBerry support. The problem is now under control, though not fully resolved. It came down to this:

    My company domain (which is where I use/store all my data) was being hosted in one locale and my data hosted in another, with complex DNS/routing between the two locales and my device, causing the calendar to often, basically, become confused. I have since been able to simplify routing and most of the difficulties have disappeared. This said, although BlackBerry have not acknowledged the problem as caused by their device, I know it is at least in part and I'm still having some calendar issues related to syncing (though duplicate entries like yours are now no longer an issue). The solution I have found, which works pretty much all the time, is this: change the settings in Calendar to always open in "month" view when starting the app. Then generally work in that view, and try to avoid "day" view entirely. Strange, I know, but I am 100% certain that this is not a coincidence or a trick of the mind. You should try it. It has worked for me... mostly.

    Finally, on the odd occasion that I still have a sync problem (once every few days), I go into account settings and disable calendar syncing so that the calendar data is wiped clean in the phone (but not on my server, obviously). Wait a minute or so and then turn syncing back on - the calendar will once again populate with your latest and accurate calendar content.

    This problem has obviously really been a bummer, but the workaround I've described makes it manageable. I'm also having trouble with "word substitution" on the Z30 which, in fact, simply does not work at all, despite hours of troubleshooting this issue as well. On this one, BlackBerry have confirmed there is a known issue for many, though not all, users, but they have not given me any assurances about when it will be fixed. :-(

    I should close by saying that despite these two serious issues, the Z30 is by far the very best phone I have ever used. So, such is life. :-)
    11-14-13 12:59 PM
  3. Slamdunc1's Avatar
    Ok cheers will have a crack at your recommendations.

    Mike Duncan on my Z30
    11-14-13 06:36 PM

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