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    Basically what happens is in the first few seconds of turning on the display, the screen will go completely black. During this time, I am unable to swipe up to unlock the phone and the lock button does nothing. After a few seconds of staring at a black screen, the display will turn on for about 1 second (exactly what it was before it went out) before going dark and locking me out again. I'll be stuck at a black screen again for a few more seconds until the display comes back on. At this point, I'm usually able to use the phone again however there are times when this will repeat a few more times before going back go normal.

    It seems to only happen when first unlocking the phone, but if it is already unlocked and I go straight to the menu by swiping up it will happen the same way. This only happens occasionally when on battery.

    When the phone is plugged in, I have a 100% reproduction rate. The display will go back and lock me out as soon as the phone is plugged in (only to wall socket, never happens when connected to PC) and will happen again when unlocking the phone later and/or putting it in bedside mode.

    The phone was just activated on January 30th, so I was wondering if this is a known problem (and can be fixed) or if I need to give Verizon a call. Also would like to know if anyone has had any similar issues.
    02-11-14 06:08 PM
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    It also just happened now after opening the browser and Reddit In Motion.

    Edit: now it just crashed completely and I had to do a hard reset to get it back. Looks like I'll be talking to Verizon tonight.
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    02-11-14 06:11 PM

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