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    09-24-13 07:56 PM
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    This is nice! Thanks.
    09-24-13 08:10 PM
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    Thanks OP for the post I was excited to see some news for Canada. No mention of wireless charging / colors not sure if BlackBerry has Paratek antenna exclusive? All marketing fails how many unsold z10's? Best phone I have ever used is my z10 but the world snaps up i devices like candy. I see the problem clearly and frustrates me that BlackBerry looks like a drunk deer in the headlites!
    Say BlackBerry was gearing towards prosumer and business professionals like myself can't afford to miss calls or have poor reception ;the new antenna feature should be big, bold and if exclusive state "this is the best thing since the brick phone" I really want BlackBerry to succeed and rise from the ashes like Apple did but can they? Are they willing? Do they have the right people on the bus? Time will tell.

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    09-24-13 10:50 PM

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