1. Alberta-Beef's Avatar
    I am having an issue with deleting messages on my Z30. There are some emails, and Facebook notifications that I receive that I don't want to carry around cluttering up my Hub, but I don't want to permanently delete them from my Email account or Facebook. When I delete messages from my Hub, it does both. I have done a search throughout the forum, and I have found some suggestions for fixing this, but no luck. I have gone to the settings page in the Hub, selected the 'Actions and Display' tab, and set my delete preference to 'Handheld Only'. Unfortunately, it's still deleting messages from both the phone, and my normal accounts. What am I missing? I had the option of deleting from the handheld only with my BB Torch 9860, and I loved it! I assumed that the Z30 would do the same.
    03-18-14 10:10 PM
  2. muellerto's Avatar
    Dear Beef...
    When I delete messages from my Hub, it does both.
    I noticed this, too. I delete e-mails normally from my Hub because I use the next PC to answer. I lost at least one long e-mail this way which disappeared completely. But I was not sure about the reason and decided to do more experiments with this.
    03-19-14 03:08 AM

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