1. 512high's Avatar
    Hi Everyone, New owner to a z30, few more questions, is there an easy way to 'delete" messages, example I have 20 emails,10 text, how can I go in and wipe out all at once? my old 9930 had "prior" etc, still trying to learn this phone! OH!!! Also, when I "swipe" the phone to say , wake it up, I had "2" text mail box sitting there, I tap, and it shows a "brief" line or so about the text etc... Can I stop this !! I don't want to lock the phone, but if somebody(kids/wife) swipe and see etc. any tips? Thanks
    12-08-13 09:40 AM
  2. tlegend2012's Avatar
    You can Click on the date and hold - it will show Delete prior. Which os are you running?? You can go to settings and choose security and privacy and you can disable the lock screen stuff from there.
    12-08-13 09:50 AM

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