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    A friend of mine was updating his z30. Something went wrong and the phone is dead now. Any clues how to wake up the device? I did exactly the same with mine and went smooth and it's working great. The update was in the last official one so no side loading. Please help. Thanks!

    Proud user of Z30 and Q10
    11-22-13 12:58 AM
  2. jpvj's Avatar

    Sorry to hear that.

    From http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB34045:

    Before proceeding, download and install (or update to) the latest version of BlackBerry Link found at BlackBerry.

    To reload BlackBerry 10 OS or BlackBerry PlayBook OS, complete the following:

    BlackBerry Link (for Windows):

    1. Open BlackBerry Link.
    2. Ensure the computer is connected to the Internet.
    3. Power off the BlackBerry 10 smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
    4. Connect the device to the computer via the USB cable.
    5. Under the Devices heading, click the device name when it is displayed.
    6. Click Preferences at the top-right.
    7. Under the General heading, click Reload Device Software.
    8. Click the Reload button.
    11-22-13 01:04 AM

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