1. Shifty88's Avatar
    I've got a Z30 and only now did it hit me that the Hub is the only thing not using the dark theme. Is there a setting somewhere I may have changed or that I need to change? I thought all BlackBerry phones with AMOLED screens used dark all around.

    Thanks in advance!

    9700 ~ 9900 ~ Z10 ~ Z30
    11-24-13 03:52 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    Hub's still light theme only. Might change in later 10.2.1, might not, won't know until it happens.
    11-24-13 04:05 PM
  3. playbookster's Avatar
    Yeah I'd like it to be dark, doesn't make sense the way it is now

    Sent from my Z30
    11-24-13 06:19 PM
  4. EvilmasterMMA's Avatar
    Bugs me as well, wish it was dark.
    11-24-13 06:31 PM
  5. Shifty88's Avatar
    OK. I was just wondering if something was weird with my phone. Thanks peeps!

    9700 ~ 9900 ~ Z10 ~ Z30
    11-24-13 11:53 PM

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