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    Went on a ski trip up to whistler this weekend with some friends from New Zealand, Scotland, France, & Mexico. There were 8 iPhone's, one android, my wife's 9900, & of course my Z30. At first I was the joke of the party because I was so passionate about the BlackBerry Z30. So I started showing off time shift, speakers while out in the hot tub (Louder & clearer �than there potable ones). Slowly people were getting curious and started asking me questions about the phone. Started showing off the hub, keyboard, multitasking, etc. Later I ended up swapping out the memory card for my "kid movies" memory card, and hooked it up to the TV for the kids to watch Hop, heads were turning "is that the blackberry?", I say, "yeah, why, can't the iPhone do that?" NO! "Oh really?"

    The next day after a day of boarding, my buddy with one of those GO PRO cameras was showing me some of the footage. He said he wanted to edit it and put it on FB probably in a week or so. � Awkwardly I asked if I could show him one more thing that the Z30 could do. I took the micro SD card from his cameras put it in the Z30 and opened story maker, we put a movie together in a few minutes and he was sold! "Holly $#!? No way! Wtf! that would have taken me at least 3 hrs to do on my mac book, processing alone would have taken an hour ", "I am definitely getting a BlackBerry now". � (1) he was so excited he said you have to put it up on the TV to show everybody, once hooked up, he yelled it out loud and was starting to pitch BlackBerry to everyone. Everyone was excited to see the video, & amazed that the BlackBerry did that in minutes.

    The other one I convinced was a little easier, though he was the one putting up the highest wall (guarding apple). I found out that he had bought a Walkman type thing that he clips to his waist so he can listen to fm radio, (to save on data) so I showed him the radio function while using the headphones as the antenna and now he is getting a Z30 this week. (2).

    Needless to say but all the iPhone users were questioning their loyalty to apple. I hope I made an international impact!

    Sorry for the long post, but the boarding was great, and showing off the device was a lot of fun. Happy Easter!

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    04-20-14 08:10 PM
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    Good job, you make it sounds easy

    ? BBM channeling at C003910CB
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    04-20-14 08:22 PM
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    Well done sir!

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    04-20-14 08:24 PM
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    Good job! If BlackBerry isn't going to market themselves then we're going to have to do it for them!

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    04-20-14 08:32 PM
  5. The Big Picture's Avatar
    Ive managed to get 4 people on board and I can do more, just need the ammunition.

    Apps requiring google services seems to be a problem. Tinder for example.

    Majority of my friends had a BlackBerry before so its not too bad. A physical keyboard is an attraction only if coupled with a large ish screen.

    Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3
    04-20-14 08:52 PM
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    Good job! If BlackBerry isn't going to market themselves then we're going to have to do it for them!

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    I Already put this idea in the icanmakeitbetter.com website months ago.

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    04-20-14 09:28 PM
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    A friend of mine who stayed over was asking what the cable was that was hanging from my tv. I told him that it was connected to my phone. He went "really? wait... is that show coming from your phone?"

    Me "yeah. I just use fr*stwi*e to get my content straight to my phone and then just connect it to my tv"

    Him "no way. What kind of cable is that. Could I get that app too?"

    Me "well yeah its an android app so you could get it. But you'll need the hdmi"

    Him "ohhh I don't have that. "


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    04-20-14 09:43 PM
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    When I asked what apps they used, almost all of them said they didn't really use many, mostly whatsapp, music, camera, and a few games . From what I could tell apps aren't the issue it's the thinking that BlackBerry is old, and unable! Either way I showed them it was more than capable, and better at somethings than a desktop or mac book .

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    04-21-14 10:19 AM
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    When I see them all again this weekend I'll have to show off the typing language support.

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    04-22-14 11:31 PM
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    Awesome story! We need a series of commercials like this!

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    04-23-14 10:23 PM
  11. Alain_A's Avatar
    produce one for you tube showing everything that can be done
    04-23-14 11:53 PM

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