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    Note: "Bhardwaj" is Vivek Bhardwaj, BlackBerry's head of software portfolio


    "It appears as if Verizon's "exclusive" arrangement is less about having locked up a deal with BlackBerry, and more about the lack of interest from rival carriers. Sprint, for instance, was previously slated to offer a touch-screen BlackBerry, but has since backed off from those plans.

    Bhardwaj declined to comment about getting the Z30 on other carriers, but noted that BlackBerry was ready to ship phones to other carriers if they requested it. He said there was nothing in the deal with Verizon that would prevent BlackBerry from offering an AT&T or T-Mobile version of the phone.

    "We're not solely tied to Verizon," Bhardwaj said."

    Further, it sounds like Verizon won't be advertising either:

    "As such, it doesn't appear as if Verizon will be providing any special promotional or marketing support for the Z30. Bhardwaj declined to comment, referring the question back to the carrier. He also declined to talk too much about BlackBerry's own promotional effort, but seemed to hint the campaign would focus more on the new BlackBerry 10.2 platform than on an individual device. "

    10-30-13 01:06 PM
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    I haven't seen much evidence that anyone (including BlackBerry) is overly excited about selling the Z30. With the failure of BB10 and the current problems that BlackBerry is facing, how can anyone be surprised that carriers are being much more cautious about carrying or stocking BlackBerry devices at this point.

    Right now it seems that even Verizon is shying away from offering BlackBerry devices to consumers. If you go to their website and just look under "Smartphone" you get two pages of devices, but no BlackBerries. You have to specifically search/filter for BlackBerry... not sure how many average consumers will bother doing that.

    Verizon has taken the whole claim by BlackBerry of being targeted for enterprise and prosumers to heart....
    10-30-13 01:17 PM
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    10-30-13 02:19 PM
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    The Verizon exclusive is for a version with wireless charging, so other carriers could sell a different version. CNET must be confused on the BlackBerry Verizon agreement.

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    10-30-13 09:00 PM
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    Yh, this is BS again, just speculation

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    10-30-13 09:20 PM

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