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    Anyone know why the Z30 uses a different Micro-USB connection than the 9900, or most other Micro-USB devices for that matter?

    I've been using a Kindle USB-cable, as it's far longer than the BlackBerry supplied one, however on the Z30, that cable won't charge reliably. Sometimes it does charge a bit, but the slightest movement interrupts the charging process. Same problem, when using the 9900 Micro-USB cable to charge the Z30.

    Upon closer inspection, the Z30 cable has the same outer form-factor, however, the pins inside are smaller and much more squeezed to the middle. As a result, other Micro-USB cables will fit, but not actually connect to the pins.

    Has this difference been there for all BBOS10 devices?

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    01-17-14 07:40 PM
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    You have to use the charging cord that comes with the Z30. Try it, you'll like it!!

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    01-17-14 07:48 PM
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    No idea what you are talking about. It's normal microusb.

    Maybe you should talk to Amazon about their cable. The Z30 has worked with all cables I've ever used.

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    01-17-14 07:57 PM
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    Attached is a picture of the two cables: The white one charges a Kindle Paperwhite & Bold 9900, but not the Z30. The black cable is the one supplied with the Z30 and charges all three devices.

    As the image would suggest, the pin-area of the Micro-USB port on the Z30 is slightly smaller than on the Kindle. The Bold 9900 port looks the same width as the Z30, while being slightly thicker, i.e. more black material under the five pins. I haven't been able to get a clear image of the ports though, as my camera gets out of focus.

    So someone, either Amazon or Blackberry uses non-standard MIcro-USB cables&ports.
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    01-18-14 08:30 AM
  5. Gambit_DE's Avatar
    I am charging my z30 with my gfs kindle charger all the time with no issues.
    I don't think that the cable is designed wrong, but maybe there is a tenth of a millimeter difference, because it is worn out. Not sure but seems you are unlucky

    Z30STA100-2/ powered cb10
    01-18-14 10:26 AM

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