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    If I set a Calendar entry start time at e.g. 5pm EST in my Z30 and send it to non BB10 Participants (Blackberry OS 6 or 7 devices, iPhones, etc., or even to Outlook Desktop or webmail), the start time shows up on their calendars as 4pm EST. Calendar entries sent to Participants who are on BB10 devices, however, show up with the correct start time, i.e. 5pm EST.

    This device is 3 weeks old and has performed well until this happened when Participants to a meeting showed up early, which in a business environment in which Blackberry professes to be the best platform, is a very serious, costly issue.

    The trouble started yesterday when I was clearing up my calendar and switched to Monthly View (it is usually in Day View). After battling to fix this without success, as described below, I eventually restored the Z30ís Settings only, using BB Link, from the previous day's backup. The problem cleared up for a few hours but returned later in the day.

    The Date and Time on my Z30 is correctly set, and emails sent via the device from either my POP or IMAP Accounts show the correct time that the email was sent when opened on the recipient's email client/s. There is no BES server involved at all and this problem occurs with all calendars on this device.

    I've tried solving this issue by changing the Date and Time from Auto-Update to manual and also set Date and Time manually and restarting the device. also, manually setting the time zone to another one and sending test Calendar entries, and resetting back to EST again didn't work. Resetting Time and Date back to Auto after all the above attempts also met with no success.

    There are very few Apps on this device since it is set up for business use and no Apps were installed within the last week during which the device was working properly.

    I've been an intensive Blackberry user for 5 years and have helped manage about 20 Blackberry devices of various models and OS's and owned 4 personally. Therefore I've developed a thorough knowledge of these smartphones in a BIS environment. We hoped this move to a test BB10 would end the years of fixing, re-configuring, patching, backing up and restoring Blackberry device databases our company has had to deal with to keep them running properly.

    Our Service Provider, Rogers Wireless, have not been able to help with this Calendar issue despite their very knowledgeable and capable Business Tech Support staff.

    And re-loading the OS or factory resetting a brand new 3 wheel old device, that has the most up to date software, isn't a solution we should have to fall back on with BB10 or we're no better off than before.

    Rogers Tech Support told me a software update for the Q10 and Z10 was done this week but Rogers was not provided with enough detail by Blackberry on the specifics of those updates to shed any light on whether this is a known issue nor were they able to tell if a Z30 software update would follow either.

    This is our last kick at the can, Blackberry. We've been your staunch supporters and defenders even whilst our colleagues left the fold in droves over the years and now we have a crisis of confidence, so please provide some direction on this issue urgently.
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    03-06-14 10:52 PM
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    Hmmm.... interesting. I just reported a bug to BlackBerry regarding incorrect parsing of .ics files using "floating date format" (meaning: The appointment is scheduled at X - no matter what time zone you are in). BB 10.2.1 incorrectly saves the appointment using UTC..

    Could you send me an invite to a test meeting at 11:00 AM EST?
    I will PM you an email address.
    03-07-14 02:48 PM
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    Rogers just sent a software update at 3.45pm EST ( Just testing this now. Please try test your issue too after the update.
    03-07-14 04:37 PM

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