12-16-13 03:32 AM
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  1. Doolittle2's Avatar
    Might be worth waiting for the Earnings Report on Friday to get a better picture of the focus of the new leadership team for 2014. I got the Z30 because I figured that this would be the best last consumer oriented device from BlackBerry for a while. So, if your focus is business, it may be worth waiting, but if you use it as a consumer device, now may be a good time to buy.

    If there is any mention by BlackBerry of Android compatibility or "fully competitive" devices, I would hold out.

    Posted via Z30
    12-16-13 12:20 AM
  2. anon5781939's Avatar
    No new BlackBerry handset till late april,2014...get the Z30 u will never regret it..

    Posted via Ferrari Red Z10/STL 100-2 "Developer's edition" OS 10.2.1.XXXX
    12-16-13 12:21 AM
  3. tonytraj17's Avatar
    The Z30 is awesome but i would just stick with the Z10 until a new touchscreen flagship comes out. Shouldnt be that much longer and im sure it will tons better than the Z30. Thats my 2 cents, take it as want.
    12-16-13 12:39 AM
  4. jojo beaconsfield's Avatar
    Same as you I want the 30 and just read a new BB will only be available in September,I can't wait till Sept.and believe it should come out earlier,what a stick in the mud.
    12-16-13 12:43 AM
  5. aha's Avatar
    I am in the same boat as the OP, waiting with a Z10 in hand.

    To be honest I will wait a little longer... not necessarily for Z30 or the next one, but for the dust to settle a little bit:

    1. I need to see more accessories available for Z30... there is no way I am going to use Z30 without proper protection. It's a big phone and it will scratch in my pocket easily, or drop way more frequently than my Z10.

    2. To be honest I am concerned about BlackBerry's future. I don't want Z30 to be like PlayBook again - running ok but suddenly losing the hope of getting new improvements and updates. I need to see BlackBerry's engineering team will continue to perform at least at the same level as they have been in the next two years. All signs (lack of marketing effort for the big holiday season, the sudden death of a quite consistent stream of leaks, the never-ending lay-off cycles, etc.) are indicating that BlackBerry is not performing at the same level as they were once before they were put on sell.

    So yeah, I think I am going to wait... Z30 looks really really good, but there is no reason to rush, I get my Z10 in hand.
    12-16-13 12:57 AM
  6. adamlau's Avatar
    Get it now. Sell the Z30 and get the Q30/Z50 when the time comes. Win win.

    SQN100-1 + | STA100-3 +
    12-16-13 01:01 AM
  7. paddyo68's Avatar
    Yes, better graphics cpu and speakers as well. And of course, pre-loaded OS 10.2!
    12-16-13 01:10 AM
  8. bbzp's Avatar
    The Z30 is a good phone and some have been saying it's the best BlackBerry phone they have ever made so far.

    Unless there is something missing from the Z30 that you want, then you might as well get the Z30 instead of waiting. Buying the Z30 now will help guarantee there will be a next phone from BlackBerry.
    12-16-13 03:12 AM
  9. sfor13thlegion's Avatar
    The Z30 is a beast, but I feel your pain.

    Could be some new beast Inc the works for 2014 that could blow us all away.

    Very tough decision...good luck!

    Posted via CB10
    12-16-13 03:19 AM
  10. Draven2666's Avatar
    The Z30 is a beast, but I feel your pain.

    Could be some new beast Inc the works for 2014 that could blow us all away.

    Very tough decision...good luck!

    Posted via CB10
    Tell you my plan. I have the Z10 used my upgrade to get it back in June. So I don't have an upgrade to use on the Z30. So what I am doing is saving up to buy tge Z30 outright. Then when my upgrade comes due again I will be able to get whatever is the latest and greatest of the BlackBerry line.

    Posted via CB10
    12-16-13 03:32 AM
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