1. rally5464's Avatar
    I have a slight issue with my Z30 when the boot screen displays the progress of booting up. When the boot up reaches approximately 50% the screen flashes to a black screen very quickly then continues on with the progress of booting up. I am kinda afraid this may be a bigger issue with security or something may be wrong with my device.

    It is running the carrier loaded OS

    Any help would be appreciated because I am new to BlackBerry 10.
    10-29-13 10:32 AM
  2. deezy87's Avatar
    I'm on a Q10, and it does that for me the odd time, I wouldn't be too concerned.
    10-29-13 03:15 PM
  3. rally5464's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. Won't worry about it then.

    Posted via CB10
    10-29-13 03:42 PM

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