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    I've started to connect my z30 to my car using Bluetooth audio to stream the songs from it. It connects just fine but if I move the phone, I mean literally move it very slightly, the connection drops, but reconnects again instantly. It's a bit like the song has a break in it. It's a bit of a pain as I keep my phone in my pocket which means it moves all the time, meaning it sounds like Norman collier is singing. (one for the over 45s).

    Any ideas please.

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    12-29-13 10:49 AM
  2. uktivo's Avatar

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    12-29-13 05:50 PM
  3. BB_Junky's Avatar
    Don't put it in your pocket?

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    12-29-13 06:13 PM
  4. uktivo's Avatar
    Lol.. Thanks for that but it doesn't matter where it is, I'm a pocket, in the bin section of the car or in the glove box, still does the same thing.

    So any ideas please anyone

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    12-29-13 06:30 PM
  5. BB_Junky's Avatar
    That's weird, I just drove around with mine on BT and I moved it around and stuff but it was a good steady connection. Are you running any leaked software? Did you do a security wipe after running your phone for a while when you first got it? Have your tried a hard reset using the "up/down" vol buttons and going them until the blue loading logo appears? Just a few things to try.

    Sent flawlessly from my Z30!
    12-29-13 06:50 PM
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    I had a similar problem, in February with the Z10, on 10.0, pairing with my Infiniti. It would randomly cut out and back in playing music.
    It's been ok with every OS update and leak since March. I haven't had any problem with the Z30.
    What OS are you on and what vehicle are you pairing with. Maybe others have a similar situation and solution.

    12-29-13 07:04 PM
  7. pili4's Avatar
    I had that issue sporadically with my Z10 regardless of the os I was on. Would happen both while streaming music and with calls. I was connecting with a 2012 Toyota. Still have the Toyota and have yet to experience the issue with my Z30.

    From my oh so pretty Z30!
    12-29-13 07:18 PM
  8. uktivo's Avatar
    I'm running the 1055 leak. I did perform a wipe after loading the leaked os. I've tried with two of my cars, both Audi, an A7 and A8. The A8 is the worst of them..

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    12-29-13 07:24 PM
  9. SmileDahling's Avatar
    I have a lot of crackling when pairing my Z30 with my brand new Jawbone Jambox speakers and I'm also running 1055. I wonder if it's a leak issue?

    I plan on upgrading to 1925 soon but if that doesn't fix it I'm at a loss.

    If you find a fix, please post it!
    12-30-13 06:58 PM

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