1. Himikid's Avatar
    I have recently purchased a blackberry which is locked to Vodafone however I need to use it on T-Mobile - I have tried several times to get an unlock code however each time I ordered a code I got the reply 'code not found' or 'code not in database ' - I am new to blackberry and I really want to use the Z30 is there any other way I can get the phone unlocked.

    06-13-14 02:46 PM
  2. Jordan Gibson1's Avatar
    I just had to unlock my Z10 to let my sister try it, as I upgraded to the z30. I ended up having to get a full blackberry unlock code vs a SIM unlock. (Something about the new 10.2 update and the other carrier not having the code on file). I used "Freemyblackberry" got the sim unlock, didnt work, they offered the full BB unlock, cost extra which wasn't cool but, but its unlocked.

    Hope that helps.
    06-13-14 08:13 PM
  3. Z10andy's Avatar
    I have unlocked several z30 handsets on vodafone.

    100% best way is walk into a Vodafone store pay 19.99 and ask them to unlock it for you.

    I did one 4 days ago walked into Vodafone store asked them to order unlock code he input imei and I got code straight away printed it out there and then unlocked within 5 minutes.

    Posted via CB10
    06-13-14 10:55 PM

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