1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I have tried memory wiping multiple times, hard reset etc but could not fix the problem. The OS version is Please help!
    05-18-16 12:27 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    reload the OS? have you tried?
    jas1978 likes this.
    05-18-16 01:16 PM
  3. Carl Estes's Avatar
    Reload the official OS revision for your device, and then slowly repopulate it with your specific apps.
    That way you might be able to find the "offending" app, if there is one.
    Also, make sure what is running in the background is what you want running in the background...
    05-18-16 03:30 PM
  4. pergijauh's Avatar
    Try reload OS using autoloader. That clean install.

    Sent From My BlackBerry Z30
    05-19-16 02:28 AM
  5. yeo123's Avatar
    I have tried memory wiping multiple times, hard reset etc but could not fix the problem. The OS version is Please help!
    Reload OS and not to saving pictures or documents on phone memory. These will caused phone operating slew.....
    .."good luck" enjoy Z30.... .

    BlackBerry Z30 /STA6
    05-21-16 02:39 AM
  6. Invictus0's Avatar
    What does your CPU tab look like in device monitor? It's possible an app is causing this, try disabling the Run in Background permission on apps as well.
    05-21-16 09:59 AM
  7. PALeafs67's Avatar
    Do a SIC wipe let that totally clean your Z30 then reload OS.
    If you really need to keep old files you can always back up with link .
    If your still having that issue after a wipe
    And loading your files again you might have a bug in your old files.

    Via Z30
    05-21-16 06:22 PM
  8. stew_uk's Avatar
    Download cc cleaner from Amazon app store. Works wonders
    05-22-16 04:59 AM
  9. stran_hk's Avatar
    I think I have fixed the problem I had which might not be the same cause as yours but I wanted to share my experience. I have experienced the same problem and been tearing my hair out trying to solve this. My Z30 basically crawled to a halt (it's been getting progressively slower for the last 2 months) and I could not even type or open Device Monitor. I have tried almost everything (deleting Android apps, moving files from device storage to SD card etc...) but to no avail. I wanted to avoid re-installing the OS from factory because my Blackberry Link connection to PC is also very unstable and not working (but that's a different story).
    What I have noticed was when I could get Device Monitor to run (after waiting for around 2-3 minutes for it to show up), the CPU of System is constantly around 95%. Nothing indicated what caused it, but I read here someone said something about scanning the media and getting no response. I did not have this scanning problem but I have been moving files to my SD media card to free up storage and sometimes it got stuck and froze.
    I basically removed my SD media card and viola!!!! My CPU utilization is around 10~30%!!!! So now everything is smooth again, but I am without the use of my SD card, but hey, at least I get to use my phone again until I think of getting a new phone.
    I hope this helps someone out there who might have the same problem, but I am close to giving up on Blackberry altogether after so many years of disappointment. I now can understand why people lose faith in Blackberry..... sad....
    07-16-16 05:32 PM
  10. Arjun Csk's Avatar
    Use autoloader to wipe device dont install android apps unless absolutely necessary and dont update android runtime u will be fine my z30 boots fast as hell and charge never runs out in day. If it is hard for u open device monitor and manually stop all unwanted apps.beware without runtime update android apps won't uninstall so install apps with caution

    Posted via CB10
    07-17-16 12:11 AM
  11. Arjun Csk's Avatar
    If u need sd card to function properly format it in exfat and download. Driver from storage setting in BlackBerry.fat format is unreliable

    Posted via CB10
    07-17-16 12:14 AM
  12. nickworldorder's Avatar
    Mine runs slow as well but only Re: the Browser and when shooting video. I have a 128 GB card, which may be the issue.
    08-22-16 08:50 AM
  13. ChrisLeNeve's Avatar
    What percentage of free space do you have? (minimise the file manager and it'll tell you). Anything under 10 % the phone will get excruciatingly slow. To free space, you can use the device monitor to find what your largest apps are and also clear data for each app.

    Posted via CB10
    08-24-16 02:28 PM

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