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    I think its time to start thinking about Blackberry's as Office Machines too. Blackberry's rule the space in communications. Like other Office Machines that allow us to collaborate. Blackberry and mobile computing are starting to draw some parallels. I think the Blackberry as a phone system ranks just as high as a Canon multifunction Copier/Printer. Those Canons are now connected to the cloud, integrated into the network, provide document storage and universal sharing and sending.

    The security of the office machine leaders Like Canon and HP provide underline an importance of security too. Just like the machines that store and share our document's that have a kitchen sink of security available. Blackberry also provides this. Other manufactures do not and Blackberry is the best at doing it.

    In the business of IT we can tell you that business owners and people who know better care very much about the security of their multifunction printers. Especially the harddrives that are in them. large Multifunction Canons now provide removable harddrives so the office manager can remove and lock in a safe after hours. This is extreme and other security is built in like TPM and encryption but this is what enterprise wants. This is what people want who care about security. If you don't care you may as well use something else that isn't a Blackberry.
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    BlackBerry phones have always been an office tool. They've always been second to none on e-mail and security. The way the devices are going, they could be a viable replacement for Laptops and Desktops etc.

    Are you suggesting BlackBerry get involved in the MFD business? It's pretty saturated by Canon, HP, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Kyocera.. Sharp.. Brother.. the list goes on... I could see them getting involved with document management though! It's a huge market that's growing rapidly. It's something that could be incorporated into BES and managed across all supported platforms (iOS, Android, BB7 and BB10)

    I didn't know about Canon's cloud storage on MFD's. I work for Ricoh personally and I'm not aware that we do anything of that sort. We have wireless Hotspot printing (the apps available on BlackBerry World, too!)

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