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    Hey guys. I've been using BlackBerry for about 3 years. I started with the Bold 9900 and I loved it! I still love it but I'm on Z30 as of two days ago and it's definitely the best phone I've ever had. Can't believe the quality of it (although disappointed that it doesn't have an audio equaliser). A lot of my friends make fun of me for not having an iPhone but the iphone's never really appealed to me. They seem boring and too mainstream for me. Everyone seems to have the same phone these days! That's why I want stick with BlackBerry. Now before I ask my question, I've gotta confess, I don't read business news and stuff like stock and shares go straight over my head. I'm not dumb, I just don't 'get it'. I have a mental block with all that stuff. It's embarrassing! Now, people keep telling me that blackberry are about to go under and this Z30 might be it's last ever phone. If someone has time, can you explain this to me (for dummies) please? I dread to think of Blackberry going under!

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    11-08-13 10:47 AM
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    BlackBerry is not going anywhere for a while. Even if they just continued the cash burn rate that they had to date it would take the a few years to burn through it all. You don't have anything to worry about in that regard. Just enjoy your new phone

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    11-08-13 10:58 AM
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    Until or unless a similarly secure platform is readily available the governments of the world won't allow BlackBerry to disappear. Enjoy the BlackBerry experience and keep moving

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    11-08-13 11:09 AM
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    BlackBerry is just going through tough changes. BlackBerry is not going anywhere, there is a reason why is the 3 most used platform.
    BlackBerry will get better because everyone is demanding it, so they will get better than the z30

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    11-08-13 11:16 AM
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    If as your friends say BlackBerry is done then as others have said above that will take a while to happen. By then the Z30 that you purchased will be due for a change anyway. I bought a Z30 because it is a lovely mobile that does everything I need it to do for my business and pleasure. Remember it is just a mobile phone after all.

    BTW: BlackBerry will be around for a very long time, I have no doubt about that. The company has a lot to offer the mobile space!
    11-08-13 11:28 AM
  6. Stevie310's Avatar
    Thanks guys. I can chill now. I'm gonna be with BlackBerry for as long as possible. Loyalty to the logo! Lol! Big bad Ben, loving the Gorn!

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    11-08-13 11:33 AM
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    Thanks guys. I can chill now. I'm gonna be with BlackBerry for as long as possible. Loyalty to the logo! Lol! Big bad Ben, loving the Gorn!

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    Finally somebody who knows what a Gorn is.. Peace Bro

    You will love the Z30, I had a Z10 since they came out in Canada, super mobile but the Z30 is so much nicer IMO....
    11-08-13 11:37 AM

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