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    hi, wanted to share my experience with BlackBerry z30. I have currently my 3rd Z30 since the release. I am kinda geek switching phones very often and coming back to z30 (used to be iPhone, but until they release bigger not interested). Seeing how BlackBerry incredibly move OS10 is great. I have now also Lumia 1520 (replacing Galaxy Note 3) but against the specs returning to Z30 again. Windows Phone is super, but haven't moved at all in the some areas at all. Seeing either BlackBerry HUB or screen full of tiles with notifications (although FullHD :-) is really huge difference. Z30 is not perfect, but in some aspects probably is. I just wish there would be more native apps, for example Tapatalk (android kinda works, but slow), Spotify (works but slow) and couple others. I am still not fully decided whether to keep 1520 or Z30, but after a day with Lumia coming back to Z30 is a refreshment for the basic tasks. And by the way, WP keyboard really sucks.

    Posted via CB10
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    03-08-14 11:47 AM
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    Good right up, I agree with you as I have tried a lot of devices, I can say the Z30 is by far the best overall.
    I switch between my Q and my 30 and always come back.

    Posted from my Z30 /STA100-5/
    03-08-14 11:55 AM
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    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Posted via CB10 with Z30 on
    03-08-14 01:37 PM

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