1. Renee Colyer's Avatar
    I have repeatedly checked my connections, mapped my network and talked to 3 useless blackberry support people and here I am...with no access to the files on my computer. I thought it was a great idea - too bad it doesn't work. I finally made the switch to the z30 though i loved my Bold...and I'm taking it back. Their own people don't even know the name of the File Manager app and have absolutely no clue how to connect when it is not working.

    If any of you do, I'll give them one more try before I return it.

    11-25-13 01:21 PM
  2. qmendiv's Avatar
    Hey Renee, let's see if I can help you get what you need
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    11-25-13 01:29 PM
  3. Anilu7's Avatar
    Link is worse than Desktop Manager. However, you should be able to connect, even though it may take a few tries. Have you tried disconnecting the Z30, reconnecting it and watching the Z30 screen to see that it says "Device connected to computer"? Do you hear any sound when you connect the Z30? Or disconnect it? I assume you've done a device switch? Please post more details. Thanks. Sometimes I've closed Link, then connected my device. Is Link set to open when the Z30 is connected? (Top right corner, click Preferences and check the appropriate boxes.)
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    11-25-13 01:47 PM
  4. Carbo21's Avatar
    This Blackberry Link sucks, coming from an experience with an I-Phone, all pictures and documents were on a cloud, and could not be deleted. Now I have picture on this putrid BB Link, the photos remain even after deleting and un-installing the software. Why can't i delete these photos?
    11-25-13 02:25 PM
  5. Renee Colyer's Avatar
    Pinned you can't tell if those are zeros or letter 'O' - opted for zeros.
    11-25-13 02:37 PM
  6. jtv1's Avatar
    I have the Z10 and I am always in the hotspot mode having no tv at home
    I found it was the link was quite slow and takes time to settle.
    Sometimes you have to unmark then re-mark both our BB Link, I am using the Mobile Network.
    Then once am in the folder, create; say a folder named desktop, let that settle then delete it.

    I know it takes some time but I hope this helps.

    Good Luck

    Posted via CB10
    11-25-13 02:37 PM
  7. Renee Colyer's Avatar
    I've done most of what you are talking about but my Z30 has never said on my screen "Device connected to computer" even when it's plugged into my computer and I actually CAN see all of my files.
    11-25-13 02:40 PM
  8. Renee Colyer's Avatar
    it's very strange - my z30 works (search engines, etc.) when not connected. My computer sees the z30 in the network map but i cannot access it. It seems Windows cannot find all of my network connections even though both my wifi and my Bell subscription work without Windows finding them. I am at a loss. I couldn't do the switch devices because my other blackberry was so old and was on the Desktop Manager which told me it was incompatible with the z30. So, I downloaded the Link software and plugged in and somehow using both of them managed to get everything (all contacts, bbm contacts, calendar, email, etc.) on to my z30. The ONLY thing that doesn't work is my ability to access my computer when unplugged from my laptop. My laptop runs wirelessly, as does my printer - all are on the network and work perfectly. The only thing that is not recognized is the z30 even though when i go on into network connections it shows that i am connected to my wireless network - I inputted the password for access. Any ideas???
    11-25-13 04:13 PM
  9. Renee Colyer's Avatar
    It even shows my laptop in the File Manager - but when I click on it - it is blank.
    11-25-13 04:17 PM
  10. Renee Colyer's Avatar
    And it shows it as a paired computer on the Z30. it's a stumper...
    11-25-13 04:32 PM
  11. qmendiv's Avatar
    And it shows it as a paired computer on the Z30. it's a stumper...
    What if you back up what you need, delete the device on your laptop (Link has that option), then connect it and set it up again?
    11-25-13 04:49 PM
  12. Anilu7's Avatar
    Have you checked the box under Preferences to allow wireless connections?
    11-25-13 05:09 PM
  13. b1gbleu's Avatar
    Try this: on your phone, In settings, storage and access, set the usb connection to 'connect to windows'
    11-25-13 07:15 PM
  14. Merboy6969's Avatar
    Hi Renee,

    I had a similar problem with my z10 and my desktop computer. I was pulling my hair out tying everything I could think of. Updating drivers, reloading link etc. Long story short it turned out to be a USB multi port hub I had recently purchased from staples. (one that connects to your computer and an additional power source). I don't know what made think of unplugging it when my BlackBerry was hooked up to the computer, but as soon as I did the computer saw my phone and has worked fine since.

    Hopefully it's something that simple, good luck.

    Posted via CB10
    11-25-13 10:02 PM
  15. xhead75's Avatar
    Sounds like Windows Firewall or Norton Firewall evil. Try shutting off any software firewalls you have and see if the problem persists or not.

    Z30 FTW - Posted via CB10
    11-25-13 10:15 PM
  16. xhead75's Avatar
    Just a shot in the dark here but is your computer also signed into blackberry ID? You should be prompted to do this when clicking on Remote File Access within Link.

    Z30 FTW - Posted via CB10
    11-25-13 10:28 PM
  17. Stomps01's Avatar
    I turned off mass storage and mine connected right away. Might have been a coincidence but worth a try....

    Posted via CB10
    11-27-13 12:01 AM

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