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    BlackBerry's response? The same as always. . . just ignore and "Keep Moving" only way public perception will change is if BB put in the mileage and reaches out to press and shows the devices. . . ALOT
    I do not necessarily think showing the devise would do. They simply need to be straight in communicating news/releases instead of using vocabulary that is vague or not of common knowledge (i.e., prosumer). This hurts them more that whatever they are trying to avoid when delivering bad news. Leaving things to people's interpretation results in the bashing BB is getting especially since BB is no longer a popular company as it used to be. People will not take the time to research to really figure out what BB really means.
    09-21-13 12:27 AM
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    I can see it now, all the sheep... "I threw my Blackberry on the ground and went out to buy an iphone because the lady on the news box told me that Blackberries aren't cool."
    The funny part here is the BlackBerry will probably survive being thrown onto the ground
    09-21-13 04:30 AM
  3. SteelGreek's Avatar
    The funny part here is the BlackBerry will probably survive being thrown onto the ground
    Those drop tests always make me cringe no matter the brand...

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    09-21-13 05:41 AM
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    BlackBerry's response? The same as always. . . just ignore and "Keep Moving" only way public perception will change is if BB put in the mileage and reaches out to press and shows the devices. . . ALOT
    Mostly true and the potential consumers do keep on moving right by BB. The only way BB has to survive is through someone infusing capital, changing most of upper mgmt., and instituting a campaign whereby they get as many BB's into the hands of high visibility people as possible. This likely means give-aways but that's how it's done when you're trying to build, or rebuild, a brand name/image overnight. The war is here now, on the porch, the bodies from the last battle (results to be released in a few days) are still being counted, and the next battle will he in the halls of Waterloo, and likely BB's last. And let me emphasize again, it will take more than new capital, the players with the proper skill set for this decade simply aren't present within the BB ranks to turn things favorable.

    This isnt about blackberry vs. Apple......its about an American brand darling vs. and international based brand. Never forget that.
    Just semantics, same end result ... no one takes this personally, even Thors' dignity is protected by a fat parachute.

    BB has repeatedly screwed the pooch every chance they've gotten over the last 4+ years. BB released the Storm and the Storm 2, and the 9850 and a tablet without email or BBM, and all the other crappy decisions. Not the media. Not a tech site blogger. Not a forum poster. I didn't kill BB. Obama did not kill blackberry. BGR did not kill Blackberry. Fox News and CNBC did not kill Blackberry. Blackberry ignored its core market. Lied to its most loyal user base. Disregarded its partners and developers and took advantage of the 'locked in' Enterprise Market until they were so frustrated they turned to Apple.

    . . . nothing Fox News said about the Z30 is untrue. This device is unlikely to sell any better than the Z10 and likely worse, in that it is a essentially the Z10 plus, or the Z10-C, or the Z10 -S . . . released 8 months after the Z and 6 months after the Z's US launch. What does the Z10 have in it's price point that no other device has? The Hub? Really? That's not going to do it.

    BB is where it is because of how it has acted and continues to act. BB is spoken about the way it is because of how they have acted and continue to act. End of story.
    YEP, I might change and emphasize that the Z, although released more than six months ago, it was far from ready for prime and, in fact, an OS10 mess until sometime in June, or even early July, until 10.1 (or really the 10.2 leak). So, BB releases the Z30 really a couple months from the heals of having figured out the Z10--and there's still a long way to go on OS10. I realize the Z30 was on the planning board at the same time as the Z10 and sequenced for a release 9-12mths after the Z but I'll just say very UUUGLY mkt planning here. (Yes, I also understand that given the almost certainty again of dismal financials, BB wants to be able to stem (a tad) the bad press or risk an equal certainty of a total loss on the Z30.)

    Viewership and objective news reporting are not synonymous.
    Exactly just as technical prowess and sales are not the same but its viewership and sales that pays the bills. Remember fan bois, the Fox critique was intended as (1) editorial and (2) NO ONE, absolutely NO BONA FIDE company can openly recommend any BB phone while BB's future--by BB's own admission--is in doubt and with an OS10 history of selling less than 5mm phones in six months. You can't recommend a phone on national TV--at least without a lot of caveats--from any company that has announced the prospects for its changing ownership due to financial problems while at the same time cutting half their workforce and selling off a billion in inventory with no free cash being generated.

    [NOTE: For you math whizzes, BB sales of OS10 rounds to (nearest percent) -- 0% or nil -- of total WW smart phone market sales. That's what we are dealing with today, now, September 2013. The only reason BB gets/deserves any air time--good or bad--is because of its history as a former leader in cell phone technology.]

    To answer her question: I don't know who's going to buy it. A few thousand forum posters maybe... I can't think of a single person in my life who is ready to jump platforms this late in the game. The GS4 is stale now, Apple just released the newest iteration of the iPhone 5 and forced it down peoples throats like it matters.

    Nobody is going to take a flyer on something they have to spend 2 years with . . ., so of course they're going to go with the sure thing. BlackBerry didn't market the consumer devices, they quit supporting them abruptly . . . and yet people are bewildered by it. I'm over it.
    Sad but true. Sure there will be many CB BB forum buyers (okay there's 1,000), many BB loyalists that simply buy the latest BB but not otherwise on this forum (okay, another 25,000), those that seem to buy every latest phone regardless of mfr/OS (another 15,000), those that didn't come off contract during the Z10 intro but are now ready (another 50,000), those that will roll-over their Qeds and Zeds (250,000), and random sales to uninformed consumers. It is these last two categories, along with institutional sales, that BB is trying to exploit but as explained in other threads, there is not enough foundation to copy the Apple formula. (Actually, I confess that I don't have any idea what consumer BB --realistically-- has intended to target for any of their OS10 products--especiallty the Z--other than getting some current BB legacy owners to roll-over.)

    I think that BB underestimates the diligence that the average consumer puts into buying a phone. That is, BB can't/shouldn't expect to automatically slice 3-5% from the Apple/Droid controlled market by simply putting another phone that appears to look/function the same as IOS/Droid on the shelf. In fact you might not even be allowed on the shelf, as BB has found with the carrier distribution system.

    The 30 may be the most humiliating of all phones for BB but I trust that BB will do a much better marketing job than with the 10. Let's wait and see: My forecast: 3mm sold by the end of the yea, a near give away after the holidays, and a restructure all the time distracting potential, and current, BB consumers.
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