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    one side blackberry announced Z30 and other end they issued notice over 40% job cut off..... my question is who gona by BLACKBERRY phone they itself heaving no idea what marketing means .......

    .Blackberry CEO really crazy ... i felt OS 10.2 one of the best OS i ever use on smartphone ,however blackberry killing them-self and getting dead day by day ...

    BlackBerry has confirmed it will cut 40% its global workforce as it said it expects to report that it has lost almost $1bn in its second quarter

    BlackBerry Slashes Jobs In Face Of $1bn Loss

    BlackBerry Says It Will Fire 4,500 Employees, Lost Nearly $1 Billion Last Quarter, Stock Closes Down 17%

    Read more: BlackBerry Cutting 4,500 Jobs - Business InsiderBlackBerry CEO Heins  the BBZ10 killer-blackberry.jpg
    09-21-13 07:57 PM
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    Hi there, I understand your frustrations. I share at least some of them.

    I'm closing this thread because there are already multiple similar ones. For example:

    Please join in the existing discussions and add your opinions to the mix.
    Thanks for understanding!
    09-21-13 08:00 PM

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