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    I don't think so, they make more money from bes

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    08-10-13 03:13 PM
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    Typical of the "all or nothing mentality" mixed in with the "me generation"..... BB has laid out a three prong approach at the beginnnig of BB10 release.... Device sales ... Network infrastructure ( BES 10 ) and outside applications ( health , Auto , insurance etc .).... as BB10 in it current implimentation is only 6 months old... I am wondering what people expect.... BB knew the US would be a tough market... probably why they entered it last..... BB had enough bad PR out of the states as it was... so it made sense to stagger the lauch.... get some decent press overseas and Canada and hope for the best in the US... can you imagine the debacle on a worldwide lauch with the US shouting Flop with no numbers to support it... outdated hardware... not bothering to understand if you have an efficient OS you do not need Super Specs to power a bloated colosus..... Like it or not the US is looked upon as a trend setter..... BES has the potential to carry BB forward even more.... Not much was made of Thursdays anouncement that DOD was allowing BB on their secure network... more interestly BES10 which has the capabilities to control Android and Apple as well as BB with a price per device charged..... finally the unknown .... other markets... as security becomes a larger issue and it is.... many companies will be looking for what BB has... not in the smartphone sense but data storage and retrieval in a secure environemnt... this is where you may see QNX come into play.... to simply look at one ot two devices as a guide marker of BB sucees or failure is at best short sighted .... BB may very well not survive in its current form but it certainly will not be for a lack of vision.... sometimes poorly implimented but a vison none the less....
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    08-10-13 04:09 PM
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    I think bb has always brought too many phone models, instead of sticking with one good, working one, like iphone does. but bb throws too many phones they should focus only on the os instead of hardware, there are too many hardware on the market now, people are seeking for the experience. from my point of view they should d sticked with the z10 and make it work perfectly with the bb10 i bet that would give stability to bb. well who knows.
    08-11-13 03:46 AM
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    You have a point. If their z30s don't sell well, BB are in a big hole. Their next phone after z30 can't help them get out of this hole.

    z30 is not A10. It's another version of z10. The real A10 will come out next year. BB change their phone's name from A10 to z30 because its specs aren't different from z10's.
    08-11-13 09:15 AM
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    It looks like the new iPhone will be announced 1 month from now and will include a home button with an embedded fingerprint sensor. That means that security will be a major theme of the new iPhone and it will be a hardware feature that users can touch and see for themselves. This is probably what the Z30 will be most directly compared to when it launches.

    Apple's 'iPhone 5S' to boast fingerprint sensor embedded in convex sapphire home button
    08-11-13 09:41 AM
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    If A10 sales just help keep total OS10 sales at an average of 2.5-3 million units/quarter it will be a huge success. Given the shift from the Q10 back to the 9900 (48 pages of user comments and complaints on BB's website), and sales of OS10 devices only a modest 2.5 to 3 million per quarter, Blackberry will continue to downsize/rightsize the company to match operating costs to revenue. With about 72 million subscribers, and assuming a 3 year upgrade cycle, sales should be double what they are or about 6 million/quarter for OS 10 devices. Both poor OS 10 sales, much negativity about the OS itself, and still strong though declining BB 0S 7 sales indicate a reluctance to migrate to OS 10 and a move to other platforms. This does not bode well for Blackberry's share price and sentiment. Also, android, iphone and msft/nok are going after market share with low cost, but functional phones, hoping to make revenue from services and apps, whereas Blackberry is trying to hang on to its dominance in enterprise by offering best in class communications hardware and security services.
    08-11-13 10:30 AM
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    Evolution of Crackberry posts over the last few months:

    - Blackberry Z10 WILL Determine BBRY's Future..
    - Blackberry Q10 WILL Determine BBRY's Future..
    - Blackberry Q5 WILL Determine BBRY's Future..
    - Blackberry A10/Z30 WILL Determine BBRY's Future..

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    08-11-13 02:13 PM
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