1. anon8430100's Avatar
    Got my Z30 loaded up with the latest leak, and noticed that i am unable to edit my BBM notifications.

    "To change these settings, set up BBM on your device."

    Any ideas besides wiping the entire phone? Is there a way to wipe data from BBM?

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    02-20-14 11:29 AM
  2. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    I'm taking it that you reentered your BlackBerry ID and password already??

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    02-20-14 11:50 AM
  3. anon8430100's Avatar
    what do you mean, or how would i do that, rather?
    02-20-14 11:58 AM
  4. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    BBM Notifications-img_20140220_140148.png
    Through the setup app

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    02-20-14 01:02 PM
  5. anon8430100's Avatar
    i have it entered in there already. i always have. i cannot find a way to remove it though. But i did change the email back and forth, and had no results
    02-20-14 01:31 PM
  6. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    Are you on wifi or mobile network?

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    02-20-14 01:44 PM
  7. anon8430100's Avatar
    mobile network. there isnt an issue getting it to work, but i cannot get my notifications to let me change them. I can use BBM just fine.
    02-20-14 01:50 PM
  8. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    Are you referring to bbm notifications within the hub? Now I'm a bit confused..sorry

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    02-20-14 02:00 PM
  9. anon8430100's Avatar
    I was being a bit unclear.

    I can see the notifications in the hub, and BBM functions correctly, but i am unable to access the notification settings (where i set vibrate, tone, etc.) from settings. It tells me "to change these settings,, set up BBM on your device.". However, it already is setup and working fine with the latest update from BBW.

    I can only assume that this is because i am running a leaked OS?
    02-20-14 02:25 PM
  10. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    BBM Notifications-img_20140220_171344.png
    This is the bbm notifications setting through notifications on the main setting. Then there's a setting for the bbm app itself where you have options to set vibrate on ping etc

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    02-20-14 04:17 PM
  11. anon8430100's Avatar
    Yes. I am unable to enable the settings.. it is stuck at off

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    02-20-14 05:13 PM
  12. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    Check to make sure you don't have all notifications off under Notifications mode

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-14 05:44 PM
  13. ots1960's Avatar
    I am having the same issue with my Z30 running leak Just today I was trying to enable notifications for BBM and they were all grayed out even though BBM has been working fine. I did try a shutdown and restart and was then able to see where I could change notifications for BBM Video but not the main BBM or channels. And no options to reinstall the App, has anyone figured this out?

    BBM Notifications-img_20140301_161455.png

    BBM Notifications-img_20140301_161506.png
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    03-01-14 03:35 PM
  14. dbugem's Avatar
    Having same exact issue on my new Z30 from Verizon. Unable to change notifications. Even tried reentering Blackberry ID. Anyone find a solution yet?
    03-15-14 01:34 PM
  15. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    Having same exact issue on my new Z30 from Verizon. Unable to change notifications. Even tried reentering Blackberry ID. Anyone find a solution yet?
    If you still have your old phone enter the BlackBerry ID and password on that, transfer your bbm back to old phone and once completed do the same on z30 and transfer everything back to z30. This method has fixed many bbm issues for me.

    Posted via CB10
    03-15-14 02:50 PM
  16. Shifty88's Avatar
    Have you opened the actual BBM app since installing the new OS? It won't work until you've done that.
    03-15-14 02:53 PM
  17. dbugem's Avatar
    I still have my old Z10. I will try that. Thanks

    Z30 is awesome!
    03-15-14 03:53 PM
  18. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    Yes you don't have to set up z10 again, just the BlackBerry ID and bbm transfer. If you have wifi connectivity just use that without the sim as well. Speed up the process.

    Posted via CB10
    03-15-14 05:10 PM

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