1. bbfreak999's Avatar
    This is just a general question concerning T-Mobile (TMO) in which they do not support or sell the Z30s ....Sadly so...

    Scenario >>>
    What if one orders or buys an Unlocked Z30 from lets say Europe from a mobile GSM shop and plans to use the Z30 here in the US?
    Even though TMO does not sell BBs or even does not support them, will they still offer SIM cards to use on the Z30 for mobile or data network?

    As for SIM cards, they do offer them here. But will it support the Z30?
    So if one brings their own Unlocked Z30, will this SIM offer support it?

    10-12-14 11:43 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Yes it will work. See here: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...encies-850736/

    But you could just get it from shopblackberry or Amazon here in the US
    10-12-14 11:49 AM
  3. vespajet's Avatar
    As long it is a GSM phone that uses the same bands as other T-Mobile devices, a T-Mobile SIM will work on the Z30.
    10-12-14 11:52 AM
  4. bbfreak999's Avatar
    If one needs to use the internet, there's always Wi-Fi

    So just to clarify this, just because TMO does not sell BBs or do not support them, one can buy and use their SIM cards for Voice and Text?
    Am I correct on this?

    Thanks for the very quick responses.
    10-12-14 12:06 PM
  5. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    10-12-14 12:28 PM
  6. bbfreak999's Avatar
    So anyone with an Unlocked Z30 can just walk into a TMO store and just get a TMO SIM even if TMO does not sell the Z30?
    Sorry for all the questions, but I was just a bit concerned for all Z30 owners or other BlackBerry phone users who would like to use TMO's voice and text services.

    10-12-14 02:40 PM
  7. Newfangled Gizmo's Avatar
    T- Mobile USA lets you bring your own device (BYOD) as discussed above.

    I purchased an unlocked GSM compatible Z30 from ShopBlackBerry and inserted the SIM card I had previously used on a T-Mobile Z10. Full voice and data services continued.

    One of my relatives recently bought an unlocked Z10 from ShopBlackBerry after losing his TMO version. He took it to a T-Mobile store, where they provided him with a replacement SIM card.

    Posted via CB10
    10-12-14 08:49 PM
  8. bakron1's Avatar
    I have been a T Mobile USA customer for years and I have been buying unlocked z30 100-5 GSM phones from my Canadian neighbors and they all work on T Mobile USA just fine, they also get 4G LTE on their network. I only buy the 100-5. GSM models, nothing else, just thought I would pass it along.

    Sent from my lovely z30 on T Mobile USA (
    10-13-14 04:15 AM
  9. Oglon3r's Avatar
    Yes, if you have decided to get a z30 make absolute sure it's the STA 100-5 model. This model will ensure optimal compatibility with the t-mobile US network.

    Posted via my STA100-5 z30
    10-13-14 06:48 AM
  10. ymb's Avatar
    My Z30STA100-5 worked perfectly for calls text and data on t-mobile

    Posted via the awesome power of BlackBerry 10 on one of my lovely devices probably my beautiful beast called Z30 or my great Q10 or my lovely Z10
    10-13-14 06:58 AM
  11. KR2013's Avatar
    You need to be careful with the model, whether it's a Z10, Q10 or Z30 (I am not yet sure about the Passport though, as it seems to support more frequencies). You might have heard of different Z30 models STA100-1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Take a look at the attached chart.

    BB Z30 on T-Mobile SIM?-z30-models.png

    Each model supports certain frequencies compatible with different carriers globally. As a few have mentioned above, STA100-5 seems to be one of the models compatible with the T-Mobile USA, allowing you to get 4G LTE (where available). If you get the wrong GSM model, you may be able to make phone calls okay using a T-Mobile sim, but the internet (data) speed may drop significantly (or no data at all). To give you an example, I bought a Z10 STL100-2 from Europe (UK) that was fine in the UK, but would only get 2G data speed with the T-Mobile sim in the US (it became pretty much worthless in the US!). I then had to buy a STL100-3 model to get a descent 4G speed when using the T-Mobile US sim.

    Bottom line, yes, you can drop a US T-Mobile sim in an unlocked Z30 and get it to work perfectly, but only if it's the right Z30 model that is compatible with T-Mobile's frequencies.
    10-13-14 11:45 AM

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