07-23-13 12:32 PM
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  1. Brutal Efficiency's Avatar
    why do you people insists on callign the 5" A10 a phablet, its nowhere close to this its just a SGS4 sized phone

    god dammit this site is turning into a ******* joke. useful information is no longer present, its over run with stupid babble and fighting from fanboys and haters.
    Galaxy S4 is technically 4.99"... people think that it technically changes what 'class' of mobile it is in.

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    07-23-13 09:46 AM
  2. RECOOL's Avatar
    Of course its wise 5 inch is and will be the new norm.This will kill small tablet market from 7-9 inches.Being mobile is hugely important.Its wise that BB stopped wasting time on wifi only device it doesn't match BB's vision.So they delivered the 5 inch phone.This is a smart move overall to give variety of choice to current users base.

    Its not just A10 and note,Sony dropping that honami,HTC,LG plenty others will and already dropped phablet market.But they are going bigger.A10 is just a 5 inch phone.Not a phablet 5.5,6.3,6.7 phablet imo.

    5 inch is still phone territory depending who's holding it of course imo.After 5 inch thats book,tablet realm.None of these phones offer anything new outside bigger phones and more camera specs.The insides are irrelevant all apps rely on data when the os not well optimized to cpu there's no magic speed boost.Where are the real life usage test for actual improved boosts? All that geek bench **** is just bull does'nt apply o real life usage.You geeks keep your lame version of sports out of consumers face.

    Unless a huge mass of people are upgrading at the same time I predict very low sales all round.People will be investing in hometainment ps4's,games,pads,online services,tv's etc.Whoever releases right before school should make enough bread before sales decline.When that winter hits its about the home tech.

    The future of specs is dying fast.Its at OS user experience level which will decide things eventually.Get that right advertise right you good.Specs are done they peaked.
    07-23-13 12:32 PM
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