1. Drenegade's Avatar
    Im looking for something with a brushed metal type appearance. Quality cases for this device are very hard to come by and id like to see if anyone has found anything decent.

    With such a nice phone it seems a shame to put a cheap looking case on it.


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    02-25-14 12:19 PM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar

    But you don't want to use a "metal phone case", as I believe it would limit RF/BT/WiFi signal reception. (read Faraday cage).

    And yes, there are very limited case for the Z30, go figure. I am using the Great Sheild "Body Case", and a leather holster with the belt clip removed. took about 3/4 days for the "leather" case and elastic to streach a bit to be able to hold the phone in the Great Sheild case at the same time.

    And still looking for the "Right Case".

    02-25-14 01:52 PM

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