1. jezy1m3rchant's Avatar
    Hi folks, what's up. i know with the availability of the new blackberry passport, lots of people will be rushing to get their paws on that new powerful machine. If any one decides to sell his/her z30 kindly reply and let me know. Its a machine i have been hunting for quite a while and the budget is really low at the moment. Currently seeking to upgrade from this marvelous Q5 should i get a good move here at crackberry. I hope there are good deals in here. thank you all. Here's my blackberry pin should anyone want to contact me personally. 2B392D98
    09-24-14 01:19 PM
  2. jay2s's Avatar
    How much are you willing to pay?

    Posted via CB10
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    09-24-14 01:33 PM
  3. John Vieira's Avatar
    450 plus shipping.

    8/10 condition with screen protector and a couple extra cases.

    I want an extra 50 for the carbonate case that was only a limited release.

    Posted via CB10
    09-24-14 01:44 PM
  4. jay2s's Avatar
    I wouldn't mind selling my mint z30 with a wallet case and screen protector..how would I get the payment? Paypal? Email transfer?

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    09-24-14 01:48 PM
  5. EchuOkan1's Avatar
    How "low" is your low budget? I have a 10/10 100-5.
    09-24-14 02:03 PM
  6. Blacklatino's Avatar
    This could be interesting.....pending on the price.
    09-24-14 02:07 PM
  7. texn884's Avatar
    One Million Dollars for My Verizon Z30! Collectors Item so its worth that and maybe much more
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    09-24-14 02:14 PM
  8. tuxedo323's Avatar
    I'll let mine go for $285, includes box and everything that came with. I'll also throw in the OEM Leather flip case. Phone condition is 9/10.

    From the days of yore, when 'Black'Berrys were Blue.
    09-24-14 02:18 PM
  9. RipperTm's Avatar
    I found one in Mint condition in my local classified add Kijiji similar to Craig's list for $280 locked to Telus. Before buying it I contacted Telus with the IMEI to make certain it was not reported stolen, and then I had it unlocked for $28.00 CDN. The seller did not have any other contents, just the phone. I love it and bought a case, screen protector and charger on Amazon.ca for a total of $39.37. So in all I spent $347.37 CDN. Love my Z30
    09-24-14 03:43 PM

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