1. DJM626's Avatar
    We know that the Z30 is available through Verizon online, but some people in other states have made mention of the devices actually being available in some stores. If not now, in the future. Does anyone know if any stores in the Chicago area actually have them in stock to sell?

    My apologies if this has already been posted
    11-15-13 10:40 AM
  2. ikalinin's Avatar
    i wanna know too
    11-15-13 10:43 AM
  3. DJM626's Avatar
    i wanna know too
    For you, and anyone else that may want to know, I just got off the phone with my local Verizon Store in Elmhurst, IL. I spoke to a great SA who informed me that they actually DO have a fully functional Z30 in store and he invited me to come in and check it out.

    I did explain to him that I would come in, knowing that I would not be persuaded to look at any android phones or iphones and that I specifically want the Z30, just to avoid any confusion on their part by telling me that they misunderstood what I was asking for, and that they did not have a demo to check out. As far as in store purchase is concerned he did tell me that they will be getting some in, but did not have any info on when! Good enough for me! At least I know I can go somewhere close and check out an actual working unit.

    Hope this helps you
    11-16-13 12:04 PM
  4. anon6040766's Avatar
    Most if not all corporate stores have a working demo unit. No stores have devices for sale. Per customer service the phone IS available through all channels which means it will be in stores. They advised availability in store could be Monday or could be 3-4 weeks with no way to know.

    Posted with my Z10 or my Q10 on Verizon from Philly
    11-16-13 12:33 PM
  5. DJM626's Avatar
    Thanks. Actually I am not sure that is the case with the corporate stores. At least not here in Illinois. Many of them do not even have a working demo unit, let alone know that the phone was even released at this point. Was nice to actually be able to talk to someone who had done his homework as he seemed to know a lot about the phone and told me he can give me a demo on it too if I would like. Hope the availability is Monday as opposed to 3-4 weeks, for my sake lol
    11-16-13 12:39 PM
  6. anon6040766's Avatar
    Just be careful if someone tells you on the phone they are in stock. I had a store with a demo unit tell me they had them in stock without checking and I went there only to find out they didn't check. They just assumed. Can't blame them, "Exclusive Advertising" and store demo, I'd assume they were in stock as well. Just stopped by my Verizon store to get extra screen protector for Z10 and SA told me they'll decide whether to stock based on online orders. Who knows what to believe.

    Posted with my Z10 or my Q10 on Verizon from Philly
    11-16-13 01:28 PM
  7. anon5897078's Avatar
    Was checking in Niles and Lincolnwood, nothing yet
    11-16-13 04:26 PM
  8. kthhrrsn's Avatar
    I'll check the south side stores & let you know. ;-)

    Posted via CB10 from my Z10. Keith
    11-16-13 04:36 PM
  9. anon5897078's Avatar
    Did someone find any working demo in Chicago area?
    11-18-13 10:56 AM
  10. DJM626's Avatar
    Did someone find any working demo in Chicago area?
    One in Elmhurst at the Verizon on St. Charles Road and Rte 83. Spent a lot of time with it over the weekend
    11-18-13 09:50 PM

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