1. BlackBerry Wine's Avatar
     Pr1ngle
    10-08-15 02:13 PM
  2. joewoo's Avatar
    Extra thickness doesn't matter much... the only time it's annoying (slightly) is when using the leather pouch... it makes it a liiiittle bit harder to get in and out...

    Many people have problems with 100% adhesion... there will be a 1mm border of non contact.... I don't see any dust accumulating though...

    I like them cuz they tend not to scratch as easily...
    10-08-15 03:56 PM
  3. JORENO's Avatar
    10-08-15 04:26 PM
  4. pic32ard's Avatar
    Plastic has more friction and may be pretty noticeable depending on how sensitive you are to that sort of thing, as to the glass protectors joewoo said the disadvantages.
    10-08-15 05:21 PM
  5. FF22's Avatar
    If the glass screen protector covers the upper areas - speaker, camera and the "hidden proximity sensor" than the proximity sensor might not detect your face when you move it to or away from your face. That can cause your cheek to dial or activate apps, etc. It might not detect when you move it away to terminate a call.

    Some are sculpted around that area so they don't cover it.
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    10-08-15 05:55 PM
  6. BlackBerry Wine's Avatar
    Thanks guys for your answers, will invest in a tempered glass, Rick

     Pr1ngle
    10-08-15 07:56 PM
  7. ultra07's Avatar
    I have used the tempered glass on other BlackBerrys. I went with the iSmooth HD for my Z30. It is very nice. But opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one!
    Get what works for you.
    10-08-15 09:16 PM
  8. medic22003's Avatar
    I had the I smooth on my z30. It was nice, but have been using a tempered glass for the last year and it beats the plastic one in spades.

    Posted via CB10
    10-08-15 09:23 PM
  9. DataCenter's Avatar
    Heidi Klum doesn't have a belly button. Just saying.

    Posted via CB10
    10-09-15 11:24 AM
  10. skstrials's Avatar
    You are not going to notice the extra thickness od the glass screen protector.

    The only bad thing I have to say about the Glass screen protectors is that there is no anti glare option for the glass screen protectors. It is not good for using it under the sun light due to all the reflections.

    Posted via CB10
    10-09-15 11:25 AM
  11. bbnrs's Avatar
    Have two Q10s both with glass screen protectors, purchased from Amazon. So far very good. Screen appears to have a slight increase depth. No decrease in sensitivity, but you have to be careful about dust prior to installation. Worthwhile.
    10-09-15 04:09 PM
  12. Carl Estes's Avatar
    I always apply the protectors plastic or glass in the bathroom. Now before you folks go off and giving me the "jazz", I also turn on the shower, hot water. The steam in the bathroom will attract and pull down every floating dust particle that is hovering in the air. Once I learned this trick, never had a "spec of dust issue under the protectors".......
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    10-09-15 04:59 PM

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