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    I finally caved in and picked up a brand new Z30 to add to my lineup of Q10, Z10 and Q5.

    My recent travels included carrying my 10" laptop and decided it just wasn't worth carrying around as it took up space and added more weight to my treks across several countries. With the Z30, I will be bringing my portable fold out bluetooth keyboard and mouse to sync with it and ordering a USB OTG hub to cover my storage formats.

    First impressions:
    - larger screen real estate
    - larger battery
    - better sound
    - better reception
    - even better BB virtual keyboard experience
    - FM radio
    - OTG support
    - unlocked to all carrier frequencies

    Watching videos and listening to music on the Z30 is comparable to the Playbook experience but in a smaller form factor. Definitely will become a productivity tool workhorse for my work and personal needs.

    The Q10 will remain as my daily driver for communicating/messaging while the Q5 is strictly backup (I picked this up for $150 brand new). Love the form factor and just does the basic things really well to stay connected.

    The Z10 will be probably the one I install the latest OS leaks on so it will have continued life that way.

    Don't think I'll be getting the Classic, however the Passport could be down the road.

    Posted via CB10
    09-14-14 09:28 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    Congrats on your latest addition. The Z30 is a great device -- it's been my day-to-day device since January.
    09-14-14 09:43 AM

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