07-14-13 05:27 PM
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    That is the problem though. They have never grasped this concept of pricing based on the competition. The Z10 launched with Flagship price even though we all know the parts were close to 9 months old. Q10 is even more right now with a smaller screen. 9900 launched at a high price with single core processor when everyone else was moving to dual core. My guess is this will launch at Note3 pricing and will sell accordingly with only the fan boys buying. Every time I go into a T-Mobile store I see a Note2 selling.

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    I understand what you mean, and this is also what I fear.

    BlackBerry needs to get real, considering the price.
    They have an image problem, and offering less, for more money than the competition will not help their cause.

    A smaller price, would help in letting the consumer forgive some minor quirks BB10 has, but if I pay around 700$ and get less of everything, then this does not cure the image problem as well.

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    07-14-13 12:45 PM
  2. Driftdreams's Avatar
    No it doesn't... it all depends on the one place BB10 has been way behind others. It depends on the reason why the Z10 was not overwhelmingly well received. Its APPS!!... BB10 needs apps; point blank PERIOD! Without MAJOR app support, BB10 will ultimately fail. BlackBerry has always been left out or the last to arrive at the party when it comes to apps. It didn't use to matter so much in the past but as more people become hyper connect to social media and relie on apps for day to day use, the appeal to BlackBerry diminishes. We all have friends on other Platforms like iOS, Android and even Windows. When people are Instagraming, Snapchating and whether else is out there, you feel left out. I personally don't care, but you're not going to get some 16-25 year old to look at BlackBerry as their phone of choice when they are left out of every conversation.

    In addition, BlackBerry claims to be the phone for Business users. However, top business apps like Bloomberg, are unavailable. BlackBerry's biggest appeal to business has always been email. And though they still do it better than everyone else out there, email is something that is standard on every mobile platform today. No overwhelmingly attractive stocks, business or productivity apps. They need this to keep going.

    Thorstein says over and over how BlackBerry is for the hyper connected. Yet, even political apps, news apps, music, social... all missing. In 2013, the name of the game is APPS!!!... If BlackBerry doesn't fix that, than BB10 is DOA.

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    07-14-13 01:02 PM
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    BlackBerry hardware design Engineers suck!

    They suck on designing the look of the phone hardware.
    If you guys see the motorola x, you're going to dream: "i wish my z10 looks like this but running bb10"

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    I'll admit BB has had more misses than hits with the design, but they do occasionally pull of a winner. The 9900 I still think is a beautiful device. The Z10 seems like its still a beta device as their focus was on the OS and the UI, not the design. (Sort of like the S3 & S4 which is essentially a screen and a backing to it... seriously, these phones have no real style to them, just their screen). I'm not a huge fan of the Q10 design either and I wouldn't be surprised it changes when the replacement comes out.

    The A10 seems like BB is now trying to focus on styling and I actually don't mind it that much. But I think we are probably stressing about this too much because, at least for me, out of all the new phones on the market right now, the only two that have a decent style to them are the HTC One and the iPhone (4 onward). So, even if the A10 isn't the best on the styling front, they'll still be inline with 95% of the competition.
    07-14-13 03:41 PM
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    No. Its success depends on pricing.
    not really it all depends n the specs. simple as that if the specs aren't good and don't compete then why would soemone buy it when they can get a cheaper Z10, pricing really only goes so far, but blackberry needs to impress those that think they can't release competative products in a high end market. those that want a cheap phone can always get a Q5 or a lower priced Z10, these people con't care about specs they just want a cheaper phone that does what they need
    07-14-13 05:27 PM
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