1. magtheridon2000's Avatar
    Dear Crackberry community,
    It seems there is an impossible dilemma between going to 1080p with few apps and stay with 720p to please and ease the developpers...

    I think there is not.

    It will upset Bluenoser63, but I frankly think people developping niche paid apps for BlackBerry with their great skills and innovating and brillant ideas are not as much needed as we may think...

    When people bring the (lack of) apps problem, they are talking about big names and how Skype doesn't run smoothly. They are probably not talking about independant and brillant unseen before developper apps, as good as it may be. Im sure you independant devs are doing a great job! But I probably dont and wont know ever, except for a few that stood out and became popular (probably on iOS and Android...). And my friends, family or collegues, as well as the average joe, will probably not know you or your app either.
    It's sad I know, but we must face the truth my dear app developper.

    Frankly lack of apps criticism is created by:
    Popular apps. Know apps. Big names!
    2-Switching platform
    They had useful midly-known apps that they love on iOS or Android and they dont have it anymore.

    So, all points out to the fact the A10 will have only 720p screen, and that you dear dev will be happy that you will have less job to do. But could we not agree that it is a bad decision? That either :
    1-you're trouble with developping a 1080p app would have been a more-than welcome-I-give-you-a-joy-filled-award sacrifice praised by the community (a hero for modern times!)
    2-you would not develop for the A10, and maybe stop developping for BB10 out of frustration. And sadly, badly, wrongly, awkardly, not much people would give a dam. And again I am sorry for that. Sincerely.

    Thanks for listening crackberry, especially you my dear developper friend.

    P.S. Oh yeah im another armchair-couch-potato unexperienced CEO by the way! Thanks for reading. This conclude this AGM meeting.

    Posted via CB10
    07-15-13 08:57 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    Interesting thoughts. Well see what kind of reaction we get lol
    07-15-13 09:05 AM
  3. magtheridon2000's Avatar
    Or no reaction at all ah ah ah! 720p is surely confirmed now! Dam

    Posted via CB10
    07-15-13 02:47 PM

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