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    The official announcement and release of Z3 in the Singapore market was made roughly 2 week ago. However not really much of the retailers carries the stocks except one of the telco have it exclusively then. The list price was too high to fight against other makes in the market that although does not packed with the exclusive O.S. but impressive hardware specs at much lower prices that majority of smartphone users in the small tropical island could not resist...

    When it was put out for sale, terms and conditions applies... well... like most had guessed it, to reach a much lower price, one will have to sign a 2 year contract with the telco, which their contract is worth much more than USD$210(approx.), and it is also a penalty figure to those who terminates the contract earlier, should they "fall in love" with another handset model in the future. What a price to pay for a budget class Z3 in the BlackBerry family...

    2 weeks later, the telco put this model out for sale, as a prepaid bundle phone with prepaid card. Totally contract free, at a price which i finally cannot resist... @ USD$215 with a prepaid SIM card with abot USD$14 worth of value. Upon seeing this offer advertisement, i made up my mind to get one, even though my thoughts had fall onto a budget Indian brand make back during the last weekend...

    Here... the Singapore Region release...
    [Unboxing]- Close Encounter of a different kind... The BlackBerry Touch Version.-z3-singapore-vers.jpg

    In comparison to others, Singapore version release is packed with all English quick start guide as well as device safety information. Oh yeah... not to forget, when startup, the English language was set default to U.K English, not U.S...
    [Unboxing]- Close Encounter of a different kind... The BlackBerry Touch Version.-z3-papers.jpg

    The charger is a UK 3pin charger, together with the earpiece that's the same model as Z10, as well as the USB cable- which i had cross referenced with other BB Micro-USB cable model numbers, from STORM to 9860 to Z10... seems to be a different model. Perhaps better improvement in charging current resistence? Or perhaps other stuff?
    [Unboxing]- Close Encounter of a different kind... The BlackBerry Touch Version.-z3-accessories.jpg

    Basically there's nothing much more to touch on on the O.S. The screen is much bigger than Z10 as well as 9860, so as STORM 2. Camera resolution looses out to Z10. Z10 also lack of the FM radio tuning function(...what can we say about the Qualcomm fitted Z10s... Those with Texas Instrument CPUs folks are really blessed...)
    So without further ado... the family of the Qualcomms. From the first touch to the last...i mean latest touch.
    [Unboxing]- Close Encounter of a different kind... The BlackBerry Touch Version.-all-3-gens-touches.jpg

    When the touches are placed together... we see the true colors of development in BB Touch devices. From chunky to sleeky...
    [Unboxing]- Close Encounter of a different kind... The BlackBerry Touch Version.-z3-size-previous-touches.jpg

    That's it folks... a simple introduction... and a simple grunt from a BB fan...
    Let's look forward for those concepts to happen!
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    Thank you for sharing your experience with the Z3. That's amazing how they package things differently after what I would call unsuccessful launch.
    09-08-14 01:28 PM

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