1. mhuzaifa's Avatar
    Hey, I was just reloading the OS on my Z3 through BlackBerry Link but everytime it asks me to uodate the BlackBerry Desktop Software. When I click update, it downloads for sometime and then this error comes "There was a problem downloading the BlackBerry Desktop Software, please try again later". Help please.

    Typed from an amazing keyboard. ||Z3 10.2.1||
    10-06-14 06:12 AM
  2. blueyestm's Avatar
    Do you still have the blackberry desktop software on the pc? You may want to uninstall that if you don't need it anymore. That's for the BBOS phones.
    10-06-14 11:11 AM
  3. Maddog24g's Avatar
    That happened to me last night as I tried to downgrade from 10.3 to 10.2.1 on my Z30. I didn't feel like fighting with it, so I downloaded an old leak autoloader and then upgraded from that to the most recent OS OTA. Very annoying.

    Posted via CB10
    10-06-14 11:23 AM
  4. mhuzaifa's Avatar
    Yeah, extremely annoying. Searched a bit and found "Sachesi". Is it safe?

    Typed from an amazing keyboard. ||Z3 10.2.1||
    10-06-14 01:53 PM
  5. Marko M1's Avatar
    I used sachesi couple times on my Z10 and never had problems.

    Posted via CB10
    mhuzaifa likes this.
    10-08-14 02:00 AM
  6. mhuzaifa's Avatar
    Yeah, used Sachesi, worked fine. Thanks.

    Typed from an amazing keyboard. ||Z3 10.2.1||
    10-08-14 04:02 PM

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