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    hi posting this thread to ask some advice about the soon to be launched z3 {in india} ...

    i usually have 2 phones with me..currently using a nokia 1520 .my second phone is an old iphone and im thinking of getting a new one.
    havent tried a blackberry device so far {due to extra bis need}, now since its over with bb10 im thinking about giving blackberry a try.

    my main requirements in the phone are..
    1}it should have a decent screen.{since its 960540 pixels/ 220ppi how does it look..contrast, sunlight general experience?}

    2} should have a good battery life : my most important criteria and the main reason im not considering z10 since i read many complaints about the battery life. how is z3 in that regard? does the 2500 mah battery perform good?

    3}good browser: im not a big app freak..need only basic apps..i believe if the browser is good enough most things could be done via browser..how is it in z3?

    4} network reception: i live in an area where there is only patchy 3g network/no lte..so i need the phone to be good in signal reception..

    5}media player: i usually watch lot of tv series and movies in my phone..main reason i chose 6 inch 1520... how is z3 in that regard? how is it to watch videos in that screen? battery life? and codec support/subtitle support ? is there any good 3rd party video player or is native player the only resort? is there subtitle support available?

    6}finally it should be affordable..i think that wont be a problem as i read news they are planning to lauch z3 at a reasonable price...

    and how is the general performance of z3? is it smooth without any freezes or lags?
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    06-16-14 03:20 PM
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    hopefully you get some good advice. its a brand new device so its not in that many peoples hands yet. welcome to cb!
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    06-16-14 03:29 PM
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    hopefully you get some good advice. its a brand new device so its not in that many peoples hands yet. welcome to cb!
    thanks...looking forward to the replies
    06-16-14 04:20 PM
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    To answer #3, BB10 has quite literally the best browser available on any platform. You will be very pleased!


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    06-16-14 08:15 PM
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    1) Screen is good enough despite the qHD resolution, but you wont notice unless you compare it with your nokia 1520 side by side, the auto brightness under the sun performs well.

    2) The battery is the strongest point here, however some reported battery drain after upgraded to os 2941, mine is with latest os consumed only 25% battery for 12 hours of stand by/minimal uses, with moderate use, you'd be survive at the end of day.

    3) Like any other BB10 devices the browser is one of the best out there.

    4) Signal reception is good and not worse than any most devices.

    5) Stock video player is suffice to play most video files I throw in, only it can't show subtitles embedded in video files.

    6) Z3 is the most affordable BB10 device, you should go with pre-order sales to get cheaper than suggested retail price, There's a supply problem in indonesia which some sellers upped their limited stocks price.

    For it's reasonable price, I think Z3 is smooth enough to do most tasks, you might encounter some lags in bbm if you have many contacts tho. If you need to play heavy multimedia files, nokia 1520 will do a better job with much higher specs.
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    06-18-14 03:40 AM
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    For the video player, don't forget you have the option to use android apps as well. I have mx player and Vlc on BlackBerry. And both work well

    From Zarafet my Z30.
    06-21-14 03:06 AM
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    The Z3 is a great budget phone. If you want to experience BB10 at a low price that's the way to go. If you have the extra money however, I would definitely suggest going for the Z30.

    If your in India I heard there is some new promotion going on for the Z30. You may want to check that out.

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    06-21-14 09:57 PM
  8. Rahul1234's Avatar
    1) it has 220 pixels which is really good! I mean, even if you have a 1000 ppi and 500 ppi, there is not gonna be much difference. So the display is awesome!
    2) the battery is awesome as well and since the screen is not very unbearably bright, the battery can last days!
    3) the BlackBerry 10 browser can been voted as the best!
    4) the network reception is phenomenology as it uses a paratekk antenna!
    5) the media player is better than your Nokia and IPhone media players and videos are really good! Speakers are good too!
    6) and cmon, you get such a good phone for such a price, this is a steal!

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    06-22-14 09:44 PM

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