1. sash_99's Avatar
    I've not yet taken my brand new Z3 out of the box. I ordered an Amzer case for it. While the case protects the back of it, the screen remains somewhat vulnerable.

    Please suggest a good screen guard for my new baby. Should I buy a tempered glass guard (iffy, some are not cut precisely), or a double thick plastic one, or just any screen protector (BB is known to use some special glass so I'm not particularly worried...yet..).

    On a different note, I have a playbook which refuses to turn on. It was working great till the daughter dropped it couple of times (or more, I guess). Really liked it..I don't think it can be fixed as it was my mistake not getting a back case for the thing :-(

    12-12-14 06:02 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Skinomi has never failed me. See if they have one for the Z3. Then watch a video of what they say the potector does. Then try for yourself. Then curse yourself you did it. Then come back 3 minute later to be surpised that they were not lying about what it does.

    I am curious about the tempered glass ones but didnt come around one yet.

    As for PB, jut grab a new one. even 64gb modes are going rather cheap today...
    12-12-14 07:05 AM

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