05-03-13 08:32 AM
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    I have a nice little setup at home in my lounge using my playbook. I know this isn't a z10 but the os's are very similar
    19" monitor
    hdmi connector
    blackberry rapid usb charger
    blackberry mini keyboard
    logitech mx5000 mouse
    wireless adsl2 internet
    I use quickbooks online via a citrix reciever
    except for printing and a good word processor I can pretty much do every thing work wise on my playbook
    the only gripe I have is when using android apps some totally don't support using a mouse . I've done a little testing and without exception native blackberry apps fully intergrate mouse use. this seems to suggest that mouse and keyboard support is part of the app and not the core os . ie, sites like crackberry have limited functionality and nerdberry playbook app plain doesn't recognise a mouse as an example . as much as most people want apps at any price I think blackberry is not being diligent enough in letting android apps onto blackberry platform that don't parallell native bb functionality . if tablets are to replace pc's and laptops then the app developers need to get better at writing apps . not having kb or mouse support in an app is plain lazy and ultimatly lowers the user experience .
    03-22-13 07:33 PM
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    I also appreciate when people try these little experiments to see the feasability of using phones and tablets as a stand in for a laptop / desktop. My technical and computing requirements are quite modest compared to most people on this site I suspect, so for me just having the option of using a larger screen and larger keyboard and mouse is a biggie.

    My playbook with the BB key & mouse to big screen will probably 60% of what I need to do without too much hassle. The other 15% I try to use Splashtop to connect with a small Dual core headless desktop I have set up in the basemeant connected to my .5 Gig external storage drive. The other 25% percent I still prefer the laptop because it's quicker / easier. But I think we are getting close, the computing power is there just needs a few more wrinkles worked out and usb (otg) decent docking station which should all be doable in the near future.
    There is a work around to enable RDP on Microsoft Windows Home Edition versions. It is a DLL and if I recall a single Microsoft Windows Registry change. Google can locate this information.

    Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10
    03-22-13 09:24 PM
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    Agree with everything here. The resolution and orientation issues are my main gripes now. Having a bar at the top or bottom when on HDMI that's "hideable" would be nice to switch between running applications kinda like Windows. Swiping up and down with a mouse isn't intuitive. However, this is definitely a bigger step in the right direction compared to the PlayBook or any other mobile device in replacing a laptop.
    05-03-13 08:32 AM
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