1. Fido92's Avatar
    My Z10 won't restart. It won't go beyond the BlackBerry startup screen. Tried several methods to reload the OS via Blackberry Link and Internet Explorer method but there's always an error on the software download screen.

    Please Help . Is it bricked?
    12-08-13 04:07 PM
  2. curvezzz's Avatar
    F2 had an issue the other day, search his posts.

    AT&T Z10STL100-3/
    12-08-13 05:06 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Here's a summary post. I really don't know what finally solved it (still working since Thurs afternoon!). Make sure that it is fully charged although it is hard to determine that when it does not show any useful info. But I went through solid green led and later blinking red. It was totally exasperating:

    Mine died the other day. It suddenly locked up. No response from power button. None from Vol Up/down. Then it did react to Vol u/d but hung after 2+ hours at 98% then another hour 99%. Then stalled and never went on. Vol U/d again. Same issue. Pressed Power button - no effect. So I pulled the battery. That started about 14 more hours of hell. I tried reload the OS using Link and then the Internet. Nothing worked. Over and over. Tried Sachesi. More stalls. Tried loading the self-loading Leak exe. Nope.

    Then solid Green led. Then that blinking red sequence. over and over. Called carrier - authorized overnight replacement. Stalled by snow and ice. I tried link once more. Nothing. Then I tried the Leak Load. It worked. I have no idea why. But the red led sequence seems hard to break out of.
    12-08-13 05:50 PM

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