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    Just started having this issue with my Z10 model STL100-3 on v10.2.1.537.

    The Wi-Fi connection is on, the phone is connected to the router but the Wi-Fi symbol does NOT show on the screen.
    I am also receiving a "Wi-Fi Connection Limited" Notification.
    I'm sitting right next to the router.
    I tried my GoPro3+ Wi-Fi connection and it is the exact same.
    The phone will connect to the camera, the app will fully function but no Wi-Fi symbol.
    Tried rebooting several times and a couple of battery pulls as well.

    I also tried the neighbours open Wi-Fi connection with the exact same results, shows up as connected but no symbol.
    Z10 Wi-Fi symbol not showing but connected-img_20140227_172541.png
    Z10 Wi-Fi symbol not showing but connected-img_20140227_172530.png

    any ideas?
    02-27-14 04:51 PM
  2. pubcrawl's Avatar
    just found this thread

    The exact same problem.
    02-27-14 04:58 PM
  3. DariusZ10's Avatar
    02-27-14 04:59 PM

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