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    I am an AVID blackberry user...i had the 9810 right before the Z10...I have played with other phones...IOS, Android, WP....they all have their strong points but none of them did anything really GREAT! They all had cool features but nothing that stuck out...here comes the Z10...looks very similar to the typical phone you would see today...just minus all buttons on the front...a sleek feature

    After using the phone for the weekend i have to say a few things right away...the keyboard is by far the best i have ever used....i came from a physical keyboard and have had no trouble adapting to the on screen. You would say that those little "frets" they have added which are the the little lines in the keyboard are well worth it, they make the spacing between the keys further apart so its easier to type...that is a big score for me....email is pretty much still in its infant stages....everything is there it just needs to be incorporated a little better to make the flow of the message easier to edit (like have the format bar there right way instead of having to go find it)

    The basic apps you use on a day to day are all there..facebook, twitter etc....only video chat apps are lacking but i have a feeling that they will show up since this is the first blackberry phone with a front camera and all the other phones have had many versions so far....banking and other financial apps will be added shortly too since too many big businesses still use blackberry phones and do not have the BYOD policy...lets face it only time will tell if all the "missing apps" will show up...no need to go further into this subject

    The hardware of the phone is great...i went to play a youtube video connected the 4G and when i hit play the video instantly played...no waiting...no buffering...no pausing or freezing....just worked...flash websites all work, you don't need to use the mobile site if you don't want to which is a great option to have on a phone. The camera quality is ok, i think my 9810 was better but i really have to get outside to give it a good test. The phone seems to have better service in places that i did not have service with my torch which is great and the bluetooth worked perfect in my car....even the address book imported fine. I have no complaints with the hardware of the phone at all...Blackberry you nailed it!

    The BB10 OS...this is where I'm still torn...it has tons of potential but its just not as refined as their other OS's were...i can not copy and paste a phone number from a website into the phone app...and why do we have to have an app load for the phone to work...that should be running all th time in the background and why can't i just type a name in the phone app to find a contact i have to go and press contacts and then click on the area to type it seems there should be a search option on the dialpad area...maybe there are shortcuts im missing and you guys can fill me in but those should have been simple things to make it easier....The HUB is great, i love the way you access email and other messages...its very clean and works well even with all the search refinments...not sure i would have gotten rid of the messages icon...i might be old school but i miss it....the new way was very easy to get the hang of and took almost no time to get accustomed to. For the first version of the BB10 OS i have to say they did a great job...copy and paste is there on the first version which was not done by the others...remember waiting for your copy and paste update...The rest of the OS is very easy to navigate and not having any physical buttons on the front makes the phone look great...

    All in all i have to say that Blackberry brought it on with the Z10...The phone is great, the hardware is fast and fluid...i would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a different phone to at least give the new blackberry a chance and i promise you will not be disappointed.
    03-25-13 09:23 PM
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    Hate BB
    03-26-13 12:54 AM
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    i can not copy and paste a phone number from a website into the phone app...
    I wrote a little app to do it: Clipboard Dialer. It scans your clipboard for phone numbers and allows you to call or text them, add to contacts etc. Also works by selecting a paragraph or two in your browser or e-mail, tapping the text and sharing it with Clipboard Dialer.
    04-12-13 12:31 AM
  4. BrentRoss's Avatar
    You said, YOUR old berry was "Refined"? That might be the fact that it is the 7th generation of the same OS, of course it's going to be refined. BB10 is 2-3 months old, it's not going to be "Refined" at all.. just thought I'd throw that into here for one to ponder.

    Posted via CB10
    04-12-13 12:38 AM

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