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    Three pics in HDR .. All were taken same time and mms to my phone. As you can see all pictures are compressed differently. Note2 pictures all come in high quality and Z10 very pixilated with IP5 in between. See next post for original. Not sure what causes the over compression.

    BTW overall Z10 HDR is by far the best on any phone we've compared
    Z10 vs IP5 vs Note2 pics and mms-img_00000676.png
    Z10 vs IP5 vs Note2 pics and mms-img_00000655_hdr.jpg
    Z10 vs IP5 vs Note2 pics and mms-1p5.jpg
    Z10 vs IP5 vs Note2 pics and mms-note2.jpg

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    05-08-13 10:14 PM
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    Z10 vs IP5 vs Note2 pics and mms-img_00000655_hdr.jpg

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    05-08-13 10:15 PM
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    I just noticed Z10 is shot in 16:9 and the others in 4:3.. This may explain the compression difference. I will try this test again in a few days

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    05-09-13 08:50 AM
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    That, and when you upload a picture file to the forum, CB automatically compresses it to a lower quality picture for space and speed.

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    05-09-13 09:44 AM

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