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    Just sharing :
    My wife has a Samsung SIII.
    She received a big. avi video through Skype (178Mb). She tried to play it after downloading but she only can hear the audio (no images) and a message on her screen saying that only audio, no video due to size.
    So, using Bluetooth I got that file to my Z10 (20 min transfer) and bingo... the video was playing normally without any problems...
    At the end, someone was convinced that we should not compare real phones (my Z10 of course) to the toy gadgets she has ) naughty me...

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    11-09-13 07:05 AM
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    Well, being a personal experience, the thread would have been fine until adding the last line. We've had enough cross platform zingers thrown out there, from either side. Glad it worked for you.
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    11-09-13 07:11 AM

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