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    I have a Z10 and it is paired with a Blackberry VM-605 Speakerphone. On an incoming call it works fine. It also worked perfectly with our Torch.

    The problem is you cannot give a voice command through the speaker when the blackberry is locked. It totally defeats the purpose (and is illegal where I live) if I have to pick up the phone to enter my password in order to make a voice call. Since the longest setting the phone has before it locks is 5 minutes, you can imagine how useless this is while driving. Also, if you connect to the bluetooth speaker when the phone is locked, you can answer a call through the speaker but you can't talk to anyone, (you then have to pick up the phone, enter your password and then you can talk. All illegal while driving).

    Also I cannot find anything where you can train the voice commands to your voice. Today I told it to call "Shana home" and it asked me which "Petro Canada" I would like to call.

    I have poured through the manuals and have not found any suggestions or ways around this.

    Please help, this phone is useless to me without a working bluetooth speaker that understands my voice and I can use while driving! This is supposed to be a phone that is good for business but I can't use it when I am on the road.
    05-03-13 02:32 PM
  2. scrapmetal58's Avatar
    That really annoys me too. I want to just pick it up and give a command.

    Posted via CB10
    05-03-13 04:00 PM

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