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    I thought, as most do when they go to a gig, I would try and video a few songs to make the other half feel very jealous.
    I wasn't expecting much from a smartphone video, but my Z10 running and the 4500mAh fat battery did very well.
    I wasn't expecting to be able to zoom in while recording either!
    The focusing was a problem, but there wasn't anything I could do about that.

    The best thing was that I managed the whole evening, recorded 3 songs, took loads of photos, uploaded them to Facebook, chatted and sent them by BBM, then carried on all the way home by underground and train. 8 hours of intense use and still had 20% battery when I got home. My mates phones all died as we left the gig

    12-19-13 04:20 AM
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    The focusing was a problem, but there wasn't anything I could do about that.
    Holding the focus icon for 5 seconds whilst in the video recording mode will lock the focus.

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    12-19-13 05:17 AM

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