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    This is a new problem for me, about a week now, I'm getting all my email on my new Z10 but my desktop Thunderbird doesn't download anymore. I've checked that the mail is still on the server, but I can't access it on my desktop any more. Any suggestions? I've checked that settings haven't changed. This did not happen at first. Got the phone for Xmas ... and love it.

    OS: Win 7 Pro
    Thunderbird V 24.2
    Z10 OS
    01-22-14 09:32 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Hi there, what sort of email is it? Who's your provider?
    01-23-14 01:19 AM
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    I assuming you are not deleting email as you read it on the phone. Otherwise, I can't think of why the email would work on your phone and not desktop.

    Imap should certainly work on both devices, though I never could get Imap to work with thunderbird. I gave up and went to claws, but that doesn't exit on win7.

    Just a FYI, Mozilla is trying to dump Thunderbird. They want some other organization to maintain it. People who like email clients are sadly in the minority these days. Most people like webmail. (Not me and probably not you, but that is the reality.)

    While I have some windows PCs, for security I don't put email on them, so I don't know what is a really good alternative to Thunderbird for you , but I do think now is the time to migrate to something else.

    I set up a new user account on my main desktop PC just to host Thunderbird as it is so I can read the old email.

    Posted via CB10
    01-23-14 04:19 AM
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    Just a FYI, Mozilla is trying to dump Thunderbird. They want some other organization to maintain it. People who like email clients are sadly in the minority these days. Most people like webmail. (Not me and probably not you, but that is the reality.)
    Do you have any articles to corroborate Mozilla dumping TB? I've used it since it was in beta and haven't heard anything to that effect. The only article I could find on the topic was in reply to the rumors of this back in 2012. Nothing as of late seems to point toward a reversal of this.

    About the future of Thunderbird | Beyond the Code

    If you have any news beyond this, please share a link.
    01-23-14 12:45 PM
  5. gariac's Avatar
    Statements like this don't give me the warm and fuzzies about Third being around long:

    "There is also a very strong ecosystems of Open Source consulting companies dedicated to supporting Enterprise deployments and I?m sure they will step up to satisfy their clients, thus improving Thunderbird."

    If you ever compiled Mozilla code, there is the Mozilla way and then there is how everyone else does it. I just don't see the open source community wanting to do much with thunderbird.

    I use Firefox, so it isn't like I am anti-Mozilla. But if Chromium wasn't a Google spy vector I'd drop Firefox in a flash. At least the linux version is 64 bit code (unlike Windows), but it isn't multithreaded. Those Google guys and gals can code.

    But back to Thunderbird, I just don't see much happening with it in a positive way.

    You can find more negative articles on the future of Thunderbird.


    Seriously, for Mozilla, 20 millions users is not a successful project.

    My mail got moved to imap+ on AWS. I just couldn't get it to play nice with Tbird, so I finally spent some time to play with a few mail programs, then picked Claws.

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    01-23-14 05:51 PM
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    That article is part of the same batch of mid-2012 articles predicting Thunderbird's doom from a change in approach. The article I linked was in response to examples like that. A year and a half later and it's still going strong. I think it's safe.

    Maybe my outlook is falsely positive but I don't see TB on the chopping block just yet. It works with all of my POP and IMAP accounts, one even over Office365's nutty mapping, so I certainly hope it's not going anywhere.

    Mozilla's code methodology is what it is. The approach seems to work and remains reasonably secure. Having only 20M users puts them in MacOS territory where they don't see many platform-specific viruses because it's not worth the time for a small user base. Outlook and Outlook Express used to be the main targets, now it's just PCs in general and all for the propagation of spam and theft of personal info. It's sad, really.

    Agreed on Chrome (or anything Google for that matter). I have enough eyes on my stuff as it is. Solid browser but their software makes me glad my workstation doesn't have a mic or camera.

    Other than the switch to a permanent single tab since about a year ago, Firefox has been overall great for the decade plus that I've used it. Before that I used Netscape Navigator to replace Lynx. I don't switch browsers often. I miss the days of PINE and Lynx. Messages were shorter and less stressful.

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    01-23-14 07:32 PM
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    If you want to reduce your chance of a virus, the last thing you want is an email client capable of html mail. In fact, the BlackBerry email on the z10 is inferior to the older OS in the all you get is HTML mail. As you probably know, with html mail, what you see isn't what you get concerning links.

    The problem I see if Tbird is the use of the html rendering engine. As bugs are fixed for Firefox, the rendering engine patches have to flow into Tbird. Now if you can force Tbird not to profess HTML mail, it should be secure even if poorly maintained.

    You really can't appreciate the ugly legacy code of Mozilla until you try to compile one of their programs. I'm sure there are people within Mozilla that know it inside out, but for someone maintaining code on the outside, lots of luck. A few years ago, the Mozilla code base reached the point where you couldn't even compile it on a 32 bit Windows PC. I think 64 bit machines are now mandatory, which is no big deal these days, but it goes to show you the bloat.

    Posted via CB10
    01-24-14 04:30 AM

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