1. prithvi64's Avatar
    Oh, Today morning I got into this trap. Everything was fine till yesterday evening. Morning, I reset my phone thought there were some problems of opening applications but after reset I got message "bberror.com/bb10-0015" and screen stopped at that point. Reading through errors, I tried several times installing OS (official & leaked) both through BBlink and autoloaders, but everytime. screen is getting stucked at "Blackberry logo" screen. It is almost 2-3 hrs stuck. Should I wait or contact service centre? Is it hardware issue? I am facing first time, this type of problem in 6 years with blackberry devices.
    09-19-13 02:51 AM
  2. SirJes's Avatar
    try running an autoloader and while its just about to load unplug it
    then run the autoloader again plug the phone in and let it load
    09-19-13 03:14 AM
  3. lomkju's Avatar
    Same problem with me im on the same os! When i reload the os It gets stuck at the blackberry logo [not the part where it shows the logo loads] i tried CFP to nuke the device but the device fails to get connected during nuke and bootroom connection is alright
    09-19-13 07:15 AM
  4. mgsoo's Avatar
    By any chance, did you try to install the new OS update from yesterday? I did, and ended up with the same problem. After a few hours, I got it to start, with Blackberry Hub hidden, and my icons scattered about.

    When I got home, it told me that there was another OS update. It turned out to be the same one. I tried again overnight. When i woke up, it was stuck on the BB logo screen. After a long battery pull, it started up again. Hub still hidden, and only accessible by clicking on the Text Messages icon, and a message telling me that the OS update had failed.

    I am afraid to try the update again. I wonder if I should wait for the 10.2 update next month.

    To get back to your original issue, I got out of that screen by pulling the battery for about a half hour before restarting it. Both times. Then, after it froze up again, I turned it off with the on\off button, then turned it on again. It started up, in the mixed up form that it now remains in. Good luck.
    09-19-13 12:20 PM

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