1. 069toto's Avatar
    hi everyone,

    i have an unlocked Z10 from t-mobile Germany which is a STL100-2 device. i soon will be traveling to the US and would like to know which carriers support my device. i tried looking everywhere but heard different things.

    04-16-13 09:24 AM
  2. jrohland's Avatar
    I don't think you will get 4G/LTE data but it should work on GSM (3G) with AT&T or T-Mobile.
    04-16-13 09:30 AM
  3. jrohland's Avatar
    When you get here find a T-Mobile store and ask them if you can try a micro SIM from an Android phone. You might have to adjust the Network Settings but it should work. AT&T might let you try a SIM but from my experience, they are not as helpful in that way.
    04-16-13 09:37 AM
  4. 069toto's Avatar
    thanks much for the helpful information. 3G would be enough for me for the 3 weeks i will be staying
    04-16-13 09:51 AM

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