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    Got the Z10, had it since the week it came out, liking it so far.

    Over the past 4 or 5 weeks, whenever the phone is left on for a while it drops to SOS signal only. I always had a good signal with my 9900 in my area when I was on Orange. I'm on EE now, so the signal is exactly the same and I have 2G&3G&4G enabled.

    The confusing thing about the SOS signal is that my Z10 says I'm connected to the EE network, just with SOS only. A battery pull seems to restore a proper signal, but its getting tiresome having to take off the case and pull the battery multiple times each day. I've tried a reload of the device software, and the problem is still happening.

    I've attached a screenshot of what the settings page shows:
    Z10 SOS signal only-img_00000001.jpg Z10 SOS signal only-img_00000002.jpg

    Also, when I'm connected to wifi at home or university after about 15 minutes, the phone times out whenever I try to do something with data (facebook, browser, email). Turning the wifi on and off starts the connection working again, but this is also a pain to keep doing.

    The wifi and network problems make it seem its more of a hardware issue than a carrier issue. I'm going to try and get a replacement SIM from EE - was wondering if anyone else gets this problem or if there's any solutions anyone can come up with?

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    I'm guessing you received a new SIM card when you got your device, right? If not, it might have to be replaced.

    Failing that, maybe update it, i.e. load the latest OS on it?

    Does it seem to work okay over WIFI? (merely curious here)
    05-10-13 12:28 PM
  3. jackrscott's Avatar
    It came with a new SIM which I'm using. It's got the latest OS ( available.

    The data works fine over Wi-Fi when I've done the off/on routine. Its just when it goes into the SOS signal I can't send/receive SMS or calls which is really annoying.
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  4. Spawn12's Avatar
    Ok first of all you dont need to do a battery pull, just reboot the phone. Also i suggest speaking to your network, perhaps theres an issue on their end or your phone/sim card hasnt been registered on their network.
    In the past when i was with tmobile uk, i had this issue with my 9900 but since i moved over to vodafone, i get great signal all over the place.
    05-10-13 12:47 PM
  5. jackrscott's Avatar
    Oh okay, I'll try restarting next time it happens instead, the network said that a battery pull was better for some reason though (or that's what their scripts tell them to say).
    05-10-13 12:56 PM
  6. Silverfern's Avatar
    I have that problem when I put the phone in my locker for maybe an hour or two. I go to settings and turn off mobile network and then on again and that fixes it

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    05-10-13 01:05 PM
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    Alright, thanks for the fix.

    I'm going to visit my carrier tomorrow anyway, don't think I should be putting up with this for such an expensive device.
    05-10-13 01:19 PM
  8. Spawn12's Avatar
    Oh okay, I'll try restarting next time it happens instead, the network said that a battery pull was better for some reason though (or that's what their scripts tell them to say).
    Back in the old BB devices it was needed but now with the Z10 and Q10 you dont need to do it, a reboot does exactly the same as a battery pull.

    Actually before i moved over to vodafone earlier this yr, i was using my z10 on the tmobile network and i remember that a few times i had the SOS signal especially after coming out of the tube...it was fustrating and one of the major reasons why i ditched tmobile after being with them for over 10 yrs. Their network since they merged with Orange and became EE, became atrociously bad for me.
    05-10-13 01:56 PM
  9. jackrscott's Avatar
    Okay, thanks for all the help. Let's hope they can do something in store.

    Considering trading it in for a Q10 if that'll fix the issue.
    05-10-13 02:09 PM

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