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    I have Z10 on

    I have a problem with message icons in Hub. Sometimes there is a “faulty” sms, I don’t know why. I read it and it still shows “1 sms unread” (digit 1 and SMS icon). SMS in HUB is showed as read, but icon still shows “1 sms unread”. It is very irritating.

    Does anyone have a solution? Deleting all sms is not an option.

    Btw., Z10 works perfectly fine in Poland after 04.01. Wifi, text msg, calls, mails (gmail) etc.

    There are such functional problems as always were:
    1) many sites do not open cause of certificate,
    2) can't play yt videos that were previously streamed,
    3) google map doesn’t work and maps.me sucks in navigation.

    But I can live with that. I don’t use any specific apps, play games etc.
    Attached Thumbnails Z10 - SMS was read but „SMS unread icon” remains in HUB-1.jpg   Z10 - SMS was read but „SMS unread icon” remains in HUB-2.jpg  
    01-14-22 04:28 AM
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    1) Expired Certificates can be 'fixed' in settings. What well known site won't load? Wikipedia? Solution: https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb.../#post13604593
    01-14-22 04:54 AM

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